10 x Feather Double Edge Razor Blades

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Platinum coated double edge razor blades suitable for double edge razors.

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  • Stainless steel
  • Platinum coated
  • Plastic dispenser
  • Made in Japan
  • Each blade individually wrapped
  1. Simon S

    I have used 2 packs of the Feather blades now and in comparison to the Derby blades (the only other type I have used) I find them a big improvement!

    They are sharp and I find they glide very well. I found the Derby blades caught on my whiskers and tugged often causing cuts all over my face! The Feathers, on the other hand, shave extremely well and take less time and effort to give a baby smooth shave!

    Highly recommended!

    Excellent delivery and service from Shave Lounge as usual!


  2. Adie-h

    I wish Shave Lounge would give me these as a free gift as the only time I don’t use them is when I’m using other blades given free. These last longer shave better enough said.

  3. Neil

    Have used these amongst others and they are incredibly sharp and quite smooth BUT…. very unforgiving of the slightest error. Last time (recently) used in a DE89 I barely touched the razor under nose and wham, a profusely bleeding cut! I then tried it in a Gillette Slim on setting 3 and cut too. No other blade I have tried is as sharp but then you need to ask yourself how sharp do you want? Do you want to cut hair or risk cutting skin too? Take into account the concentration needed and this is also doesn’t lead to a relaxed shave. No blade I have tried comes close to the Feather. Try it and see if it suits but if you cut easy then probably won’t be for you.

  4. Rod

    What can I say but forget all the hype about these blades being too sharp and caution needed, this is how sharp blades should be. They allow for an effortless shave that will leave you with a blood free squeaky clean face every time, just give yourself a bit extra time it is worth it. I have tried many other blades and these are without a doubt the best I use mine in my edwin jagger safety razor which I purchased here at Shave Lounge with some taylors shave soap and badger brush.

  5. Hus

    Not good as there is surface rust after 3 days

  6. Ben

    I used Astra at first before trying these. The Feathers are noticeably sharper and smoother. I haven’t really nicked myself because I go very slowly with short light strokes. I highly recommend it if you have a dense, coarse beard, and sensitive skin like I do.

  7. Jhn

    Theses blades are excellent I had ordered 30 from eBay and they took over three week to come from Thailand so bought 30 from Shave Lounge while waiting theses arrived next day for not much more money. Service was first class so will not look elsewhere from now on buy with confidence.

  8. Kelvin

    By far the best and sharpest razor blades that I’ve tried. Perfect for my sensitive skin.

  9. Phil

    Be careful using these blades very sharp. Few nicks using these but a very close shave.

  10. James B

    This is by far the sharpest razor blade I have ever used. I have sensitive skin but find these to be the most responsive in terms of cutting through thick and tough stubble without any pulling or dragging. Using these feather blades takes longer than your average shave but the results speak for themselves. Combine this with a good quality double edged safety razor and you may be left wondering why you haven’t always shaved like this.

  11. Dale

    Having recently started DE shaving, I have tried several different blades with varying success – with these being the best of the bunch.

    Very sharp, stay sharp for a good few shaves, with little irritation.

    Yes, they are quite expensive compared the other DE blades but you still save a fortune compared to cartridge razors!

    Recommended – however, it’s best to experiment to see what suits your skin.

  12. bobpitt

    Of the admittedly few brands of blade iive tried so far, these seem to be the most user friendly. If in doubt or if you are confused I would recommend you try these first.

  13. C Stones

    I recently purchased a new shaving kit from Shave Lounge, after being in the local supermarket and refusing to pay £20 for 8 blades for the usual Fusion Pro lark.

    At 24 I’ve never used a DE before, but I can safely say I will not be returning. Previously I was always subject to horrible red shaving rashes, cut skin and general lumps/bumps – Having converted to a DE and using the feather blades I bought, I have never had such a close BUT comfortable shaving experience. My partner loves how smooth my skin is now, both up and down the grain. Definitely worth the purchase at this price they’re a bargain

  14. AP

    WOW!!! These are sharp! I know the guys said so in their reviews, but I was still shocked…. What a great shave!! I was going for a four pass, but only had three. The final pass against the grain of my beard just wasn’t required; so less irritation which is fantastic. For everyday shaving I will still be loading a Derby, but this is going to be the blade I use when I don’t need to rush and can induldge in shaving as a hobbie, rather than just a necessity before work.

  15. Fawaz Ahmed

    Compared to other brands, these are real sharp razor blades really. I don’t recommend these for biggeners, Derby could be safer.

  16. Taffy 1

    Have tried other blades but these are the best. I change them once a week and while the first shave with a new blade is great the last one is still better than other ones I have tried.

  17. L

    Used Feather for the first time with new Merkur Progress, having read good reviews and was not disappointed. Well worth a try if you haven’t already.

  18. MPR507

    I have been using a safety razor for over 20 years and always used Wilkinson Sword blades, however over the last year or so I noticed a decline in the quality of shave these were providing. I tried Merkur and found some improvement but still not perfect so when I again required new blades I thought I’d give these a try (based on cost and the previous review). I’m certainly not disappointed this time, these really are sharp, provide a good close shave and last a while too!

  19. Nick

    These blades are SHARP. I must have tried almost every blade out there – derby, merkur, gillette etc – but these are the best hands down! If you own a safety razor, give these a try, you won’t be disappointed!

  20. simon d.

    They’re still sharp after three or four shaves and I have bristles like a shaved horse.

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