Beardsley Cantaloupe Melon Shampoo for Beards

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  • Specially formulated for beards
  • Made with natural oil
  • Cantaloupe melon scent
  • 237ml

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  1. Dean H.


  2. Francis O.

    Whether it is a batch variation, or a reformulation, this second bottle of the stuff is different from the first. Where the first one was clear, this is a pale dirty yellow. Where the first was more gelid, this is thinner. I fancy the first formed more lather also.
    A bottle lasts a long time – 6 months, so it’s good value.
    Pleasant to use, if you get it in your mouth it is not soapy.
    So, a bit disappointing in summary, but if this had been my first purchase, I wouldn’t have known different.

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