Blackland Blackbird Double Edge Razor

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Double edge razor made from solid 303 grade stainless steel. Machined finish.

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  1. Gregor M (verified owner)

    Have had this razor a few weeks now so time to get used to it. In summary, I love the look of this razor – it is very cool in design. Great heft in the hand, and good grip from the cutaways on the handle. Being rather large of paw, I would probably have preferred the longer handle I believe they offer in the US, but no big deal. How does it shave? I notice that shavelounge have suggested for those of medium to heavy growth. I certainly wouldn’t describe this as a daily driver – in fact I wouldn’t really reach for this with less than 3 days growth. When you do have a few days, it mows through the stubble very efficiently. What I can’t say is that it’s as smooth as my Rockwell 6S which really can be a daily driver, and you can adjust it’s level of aggression according the blade. Phil H clearly loves it, and I do enjoy using it, but realistically it’s a once a week job.

  2. Phil H (verified owner)

    UPDATE: Twenty shaves in with this razor and it is without doubt the best DE razor I’ve ever owned. I have over 30 razors but nothing comes close in terms of build quality, engineering and sheer shave comfort to the Blackbird. I find myself wishing my beard would grow quicker so I can enjoy some more quality “me-time” with a good soap and the Blackland Blackbird. Beyond highly recommended.

  3. Phil H (verified owner)

    This is just sublime. Paired with an Astra SP this razor has just given me a really efficient, close and very comfortable shave. Looking at the blade gap I had imagined this to be an aggressive razor but it wasn’t. Make no mistake, if your brain is in neutral while wielding this, I imagine you could easily do yourself a mischief. I took care, applied no pressure and let the razor and blade go to work. There is plenty of feedback from the razor but, unlike the Dart which I’ve tried, this is probably one of the most comfortable shaves I’ve ever had in 3 passes and no clear-up. I used Proraso green pre-shave and soap. Both fantastic, as you probably already know, and followed this with Proraso Azur Lime a/s balm. Thanks for stocking this brilliant razor Shavelounge !

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