Fatip Piccolo DE Safety Razor

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  • Nickel plated
  • Open comb design
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Handle length: 71mm
  • Weight: 70g

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  1. philiph (verified owner)

    This is a good razor. It is not finished with the same finesse of the more expensive DE razors you can buy but it is perfectly adequate and free from defects. Slightly head-heavy it gave me a very nice, close shave in two passes. It needs normal care and attention as it is open-combed but it isn’t overtly aggressive. It’s a good value razor and I recommend it. I’m glad I have this in my arsenal. Ace service from Anthony and Co at Shavelounge as usual. Other vendors don’t even come close.

  2. j.a.buckmaster (verified owner)

    Sturdy solid brass construction, slightly crude appearance but it’s well balanced in use and medium aggressive providing an efficient shave.

    Main negative for me is blade exposure, it’s completely crooked so you need to centre he blade before each use as it could bite you quite badly if left unchecked. It’s not a massive deal but is a bit fiddly… Considering Gillette mastered this issue in the 1930s I’m surprised FaTip still struggles with it in 2017.

  3. Cata

    A few days after I bought Fatip Grande, I launched the order for Fatip Piccolo. I really like the nickel version, the razor aligns the blade ok. The handle at Piccolo has a very good grip and even though it’s shorter and thinner than the Grande, you feel good in your hand. In my opinion, this ”edition” with Fatip’s logo on the base plate haven’t a exposure like the Fatip razor without this – and are not so agressives like in old reviews.
    Five Stars for this Piccolo … and for Shave Lounge I would give six stars if I could. As always, Anthony is all ready to help you with anything … just be happy. Always five stars for S-L services.

  4. Sal

    First of all I really need to say that the service is amazing! I’ve ordered my fatip piccolo without even having an account and in two days I’d received my razor!
    Said that, let’s talk about the razor: It is beautiful and gives really deep shaves, I’d suggest it if you’ve a thick beard, you’re not happy with other CC and want to try an OC.
    As others have said, do not fear this OC, just don’t rush and take it easy. You’ll love it!

  5. Stephen

    The Piccolo gets a reputation as an aggressive razor. I disagree. Used with care and attention, it gives a very close, smooth shave. Just prep your face well and apply the usual common sense; take your time and no pressure. Let the weight do the job and exercise enough control to shave the lather, not the whiskers, and you’ll be fine. Excellent razor and excellent service, as always.

  6. Ian P.

    Great quality, value and, most especially, gives an excellent shave every time. Don’t be put off by the somewhat fearsome reputation of open comb razors. Just use a decent blade and a steady hand for perfect results. The service from The Shave Lounge was excellent too.

  7. Cal

    I love this razor. It will cheerfully give me an excellent BBS shave on anything from 12 hours to several days’ growth. Some people class this as an aggressive razor. I don’t. But it’s certainly an efficient razor.

    Basically that’s it, but if you’re one for detail… read on:

    I already own the previous version Fatip Piccolo. But I wanted to check out the latest one (with the Fatip logo on the baseplate), as supplied by ShaveLounge. From information gleaned from the shaving forums, I knew there would be some small differences.

    Prior to receiving my new Piccolo, my old Piccolo was my ONLY razor. I fell in love with my old Piccolo from the moment I opened the box. Shortly after that I gave my other razors away because I never used them any more.

    I was very happily surprised by the new Piccolo (let’s call it Mk2).

    I must admit the Mk2 definitely has a better “feel” to it. Not by a huge percentage, but it’s there. It feels like a more precise instrument, and of course that can only be good. The shave result was exactly the same as I would have expected from my Mk1, i.e. excellent.

    Whenever I trial a “new to me” razor, I pay no attention to its reported mildness or aggressiveness. All razors are sharp. Treat them with the respect they deserve.

  8. Mark F.

    This is a superb razor. It gives a close irritation free shave. It is becoming the most used razor in my collection.

  9. Kuldeep B.

    Having used a Muhle R41 for the past two years, I am annoyed I dint find this razor sooner. Same closeness but much more refined and smooth feeling! Also made from brass so will last pretty much forever, bargain!

  10. Rick D’Ercole

    This razor definitely requires a gentle touch, but the end result is really nice. My particular razor seems well made, and for the price I am proud to have it in my collection.

  11. David F.

    I don’t like it, very aggressive but not a close shave. Feels very cheaply made. Shame because reviews have been good. Just not for me !

  12. Mr G.

    If you regularly shave half asleep in the morning, shave with something else. This little razor will bite and bite hard if you disrespect it. If you can tame it and get used to the way it delivers then it will quite possibly give you the best shave you’ve ever had.

  13. StephenM

    This is a budget razor built to a price. The finish is not pristine, and it comes with some micro blistering on the head, as well as some micro pitting on the handle. However, don’t let the finish put you off. It’s a darn fine shaver, and easily compares to my Muhle R41 in terms of leaving a lovely BBS finish. Well worth the price which lets face it, is equal to a packet of rubbish multi blade cartridges! Another quirk is that it has a non standard size threaded handle, so swapping it with existing handles may be a bit problematic.

  14. John W.

    A good little razor but very aggressive, so care must be taken!

  15. Daniel S.

    Great little shaver, perfect for my travel kit, a tad pricey compared to other available DE shavers but good build feel.

  16. marko

    I bought this razor along with the grande, and as I have large hands I found it a little bit to small for my liking.

    The fatip is an excellent little razor, and imho well worth the money.

    Thank you Shave Lounge for your excellent service and prices.

  17. mjclark

    This is the most aggressive razor I’ve used and certainly requires a delicate touch but gives a beautiful close shave with virtually no irritation.

    The supplied handle was 75mm long (rather than the 60mm it’s billed as) and the razor weighs in at 72g giving it a good sense of poise, and the head will also take many other classic and custom handles allowing for plenty of experimentation with balance.

    All in all this is a beautiful and stylish razor which, when treated with due respect, gives a superb finish, and I would recommend it to anyone who takes double edge shaving seriously.

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