Feather AS-D2 Double Edge Razor

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Solid stainless steel double edge safety razor made in Japan by Feather.

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  • 100% stainless steel
  • Boxed with 5 Feather blades
  • Knurled handle
  • Made in Japan
  • Handle length: 92mm
  • Razor weight: 91g
  1. lancashire (verified owner)

    I was a bit dubious of shelling out this kind of money for a razor, but I did.

    Is it worth it? I’m not sure, BUT the workmanship is first rate, it’s great in the hand, has a really good weight to it, and shaves great.

    I used the Feather Blades that came with it and it shave’s really easy, takes a bit of practice getting the angle just right and the result is an effortless shave.

    Even the box looks the part.

    The handle has very fine detailed etching and looks and feels fantastic.

    I absolutely love this razor it’s definitely worth paying more than most!

  2. John….

    I have had a beard for 6 years now, anyway time to shave, new lady friend!

    Cut my beard down, and left it for a week with very short stubble. I grew a beard because the cheap cartridge razors I used caused me great irritation, and I work in a service where either you have a beard, or shave every day.

    I spoke to a friend who used the Feather Safety Razor, he raved highly about it, when he told me the price I lost control of my Bowles! (Being from Yorkshire that is!!) Anyway I threw caution to the wind reduced my children’s inheritance and bought the AS-D2S (with stand) and bought some castle forbes lime shaving cream too.

    Used it tonight for the first time, what a shave, smooth, effortless, no razor burn, and I went against the grain on the second shave! So close it is unreal! The razor should be in the Tate Gallery, what a piece of engineering, quality, quality, quality! Great service from Anthony, will use the Shaving Lounge again.

    Well done the shaving lounge for great service!!! Japanese blades and razors, nothing else matters (Metallica)….

  3. Aleksandrs S.

    Approximately year ago I’ve started using Muhle R89 and it was my first DE razor. I kinda liked it, but it wasn’t the “perfect shave” for me. I tried lots of different blades, some were better some worse, but in the end I’ve always had a nice result, with minor cuts, but always with a neck area irritation on the next day). Sometimes I’ve felt razor burn, but it wasn’t a big deal, even though you could see that shaving left some negative effect on the skin (dryness etc.) I thought that this razor maybe is too aggressive for me, since I’m an aggressive “against the grain” shaver)).

    Then I did my big research on something more mild that could fit my needs. After the job was done I realized that only option is Feather, cause no other available razor is considered mild and effective according to the Internet. But of course the price seemed crazy. I thought maybe it is a true savior then, but the reviews were quite controversial. Because of that I couldn’t decide whether to buy it or not.
    I was thinking of buying Feather AS-D2 for a long time. And after about a year or so I risked and bought it).

    During my first shave I’ve used Feather blades which were in the box. Well… the result wasn’t magical. I did get a close shave, it felt very nice, I didn’t feel razor rubbing on my skin as usual, but I’ve had quite a lot of little cuts on the neck, which I didn’t have with the Muhle. BUT bleeding stopped quickly, it wasn’t a big deal, just disappointing at that point. And the good news are that the next day my neck wasn’t irritated at all which was a big surprise, also no razor burn whatsoever.
    Then I’ve tried one of my personal favorites – Astra blades and the result was perfect. No cuts, no burn, no irritation, skin condition is good and feels good.

    So I can tell that this blade is no absolute miracle, but for me right now it seems to be the best option.

    Big disadvantage is the price, cause it is too much. I would understood something like ~100$ max; Also you need to put little more effort to get the BBS result. But since I’m against the grain goer it isn’t a big deal for me)
    The bottom line for me is that this razor is very good, the best I’ve had, considering all my 10 year shaving experience (mostly disposable razors though). And I’ll stick with it. But it should be cheaper, since it’s not a miracle ;))

  4. John C.

    This razor with the feather blades gives perhaps the best shave that I’ve ever had. No matter if the beard is 1, 2 or 3 days old. No shaver burn, safe and fast.

    Pricey, but the disposable blades are reasonable, but will last a life time. Quality is superb.

    Shave Lounge packaged and shipped the product well.

    Well done everyone for delivering a wonderful shaving experience making a chore a pleasure.

  5. Ash D.

    Wonderful razor, worth every penny. For all you golfers out there, this is the Miura of razors.

  6. Ian M.

    I like very mild razors so finally bit the bullet and bought this and am extremely happy with it. It is beautifully engineered and the blade slots in perfectly without the need to faff about checking alignment. It is very mild and very smooth and while it works very well with the ‘recommended’ feather blades, I get an even smoother (and just about as effective) shave with 7 o’clock yellows; although if you want BBS (as I always do) you will need several passes. Is it worth paying the premium? Probably not, as you can get just as good a shave with much less expensive razors – but I would buy it again because it’s just such a classy piece of kit! Great service from Shave Lounge too.

  7. Remko H.

    A beautiful razor that balances and shaves well.

  8. Paulo R.

    Just had my first shave with the combination of the AS-D2 and Feather blades and I never had such a gentle yet close shave. The razor is exquisite in design and build quality, tolerances are minimal and it feels weighty and substantial to hold. This is a device that is beautiful to look at and a pleasure to use.

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