Feather AS-D2S Double Edge Razor & Stand

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Solid stainless steel double edge safety razor with matching stand.

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The Feather AS-D2S is solid stainless steel DE safety razor made in Japan by Feather. Perhaps one of the most exquisite and well designed razors on the market today, the AS-D2S gives a mild, yet close shave, so it’s suitable for those just starting out with DE shaving.

The AS-D2S is the same model as the AS-D2 but includes a matching solid stainless steel stand.

  • Closed comb head
  • Full stainless steel
  • Supplied with matching stand & 5 Feather blades
  • Handle length: 92mm
  • Razor weight: 91g
  • Made in Japan
  1. nickbsa (verified owner)

    I have now been using my Feather AS-D2S for 5months. I am a 71 year old daily shaver and was getting fed up with the high price and sometimes difficulty in obtaining modern multi blades.

    After reading lots of reviews I jumped straight in and bought what appeared the best razor for my return to DE shaving. I purchased a small selection of blades to try along with the other required equipment which is needed. I worried whether it was going to be money well spent but I needn’t have. I have never cut myself using the Feather blades which I have found to be the best in this razor. Some of the cheaper blades have given me a bit of drag and burn. The razor is nicely made with no slop and as a result locates and holds the blade firmly and precisely in line. I am not a “hobby” shaver but now find myself taking a bit more time over the daily morning ritual. I find the Feather extremely easy to use and amazingly it gets to the nooks and crannies very easily despite not having a gimmicky swivelling head

    So I can thoroughly recommend this razor although the cost seems high for 3 small bits of metal however exquisitely made, but it will see me out and maybe someone else as well!

  2. David N.

    I thought long and hard before spending £190 on a DE razor. Having now used it for around 10 days I have to say it has given me the most comfortable and closest shave I have ever had. I have used Merkur and EJ razors but the Feather is in a different league. The weight,balance, grip together with the overall design of the razor head really do make shaving with this razor an absolute pleasure.

    The blade is supported along its whole length by the base plate; no closed comb grooves as in other razors. This, I suspect is the main reason for such a smooth shave.

    The Feather blades have a reputation for being probably the sharpest available but in the Feather razor they are constrained to cutting whiskers, not your face.

    Being made from solid stainless steel, I can see this razor lasting many many years and so the initial cost needs to be put into context.

    In summary, if you want probably the closest, smoothest, safest shave for many years to come then go for the Feather.

    Many thanks also to Shave Lounge for their excellent customer service and prompt free delivery. Probably the best on line company that I have dealt with.

  3. James

    Beautiful presentation, flawless craftsmanship, timeless design. Works best with matching Feather blades as its quite a mild razor, it also demands a different angle to all other DE’s otherwise it wont shave anything off!

    Recommended but not without reservation, for this price the competition is stiff indeed… Probably best for light to medium beard growth that’s not too dense, if that sounds like you then this is probably your perfect razor.

  4. Alastair

    Again excellent service from Shave Lounge. Great feeling to this razor nice weight very well made you get your monies worth with this item. Happy with it indeed itis now a pleasure to shave each day.

  5. Florenc Z.

    The best razor i have, and I owe a few razors, am glad a got this, will not use any other razor rather then this.

    Good help from Anthony Thank You, excellence customer service

  6. Jose C.

    Todo muy bien

  7. Gary W.

    This is my second DE razor – I only switched from cartridges a few months ago and started with an EJ89 which is very good. Why spend this much money on a razor when you can get plenty that do the job for far less? Well…. DE shaving has changed that part of the day from a tiresome chore into a pleasant ritual that is strangely calming and enjoyable. I have no idea why! All I know is that I’ll be doing this pretty much every day for the rest of my life and, as such, I thought I may as well buy the best. As I don’t fancy months of testing different razors at £30-£50 each to find ‘the one’ I went on the premise that you usually get what you pay for….. On top of that, you only have one face and if you cost this out over your lifetime vs cartridges then even this initially expensive item works out as a bargain. Looks-wise it’s functional and not as ‘blingy’ as the EJ which is either good or bad depending on your world view. If you like shiny, look elsewhere as this isn’t – it looks great IMO but you’ll never see your face in this like you can the EJ and many others. It’s a heavy piece of stainless steel and, once you’re used to it, it feels very comfortable in your hand with a decent grip. The stand is the part of this razor most likely to injure – if you drop it on your toe you will know about it! What I did notice about the design of this razor when putting a blade in is that it holds it absolutely rock solid and there is more support for the blade edge vs the EJ. It bends the blade less, has more direct supported contact with the middle of the blade and has four little corner bits which lock it in place. Also, because the head is slightly longer you don’t get any of the blade sticking out at either end like you do on the EJ. Moving on to the performance – if you look at online reviews of this, you may be put off for reasons other than price as there are so many out there that are saying that this razor is ‘too mild’ and ‘not aggressive enough’. I am probably missing some deeper point due to my inexperience but what I want a razor to do it so remove all of the hair but leave my face intact! I have no particular desire to test my manliness by flirting with cuts on a daily basis but I suppose each to their own! On my face this razor does a perfect job of shaving without irritation. There is a learning curve vs the EJ89 I was using because the angle you need to hold this at is completely different; it’s more like 45 degrees to the face. Once I got used to this, I got a completely smooth 3 pass shave with no irritation providing I am mindful of beard direction and use a decent shaving cream. No dragging, no skipping, no nothing. I am guessing this is due to the extra support on the blade and the angle it forces you to use. It just works – providing you can get your head around the radically different angle…. If you don’t? Well, it will leave you with designer stubble and a sinking feeling when you wonder why you spent this much on something that doesn’t work 🙂 I quite understand that everyone’s face is different but, for me, this is ideal as it gives a brilliant shave without getting a neck like a lacerated lobster! So far I’ve only used Feather blades in it – the first one just about gave me 5 shaves but next time I’ll change after 4 as it was starting to not feel as nice. I will experiment with other blades but they’ll have to be pretty remarkable to warrant changing. Shave Lounge were (as usual) excellent with friendly next-day service and some free blades to try (some Feathers and some brands I’ve not used before). I’m also very grateful of the cashback which, on a £190 purchase, was enough to grab me some more TOBS shaving cream. Top marks all round.

  8. john p.

    Excellent product, best razor I have ever used by far. Well balanced and beautifully engineered product and it really looks good on the bathroom too! A Wee tip; buy the stand, it finishes it off beautifully. Great service from the Shave Lounge too; always an easy transaction and a pleasure to deal with.

  9. Dean R.

    Excellent razor. Extremely good quality, weight and feel. Shave Lounge customer service is also superb. Very pleased, and will definitely buy from them.

  10. Robert B.

    Amazing Razor, beautiful build quality and paired with Feather DE blades then i don’t think i could obtain a better shave, even my missus noticed it.
    Will take a few shaves to get used to it, as i am sure you have read that the razor is held at more of a steep angle (45degree)
    I am more than pleased with my purchase, and the service i received from the Shave Lounge.

  11. Michael A.

    I received the feather all stainless steel razor and stand and was most impressed with a quick service and the stand both top quality what you would expect from a razor at this price would I buy again yes I have been using it with feather blades and been getting my best shaves ever I would recommend both products and the shave Lounge to anyone great sevice great products

  12. Brian S.

    I bought this as my first DE razor. Moving from Gillette Fusion blades. Its so sharp you don’t feel it working. You have to resist the urge to press it against your face harder. It took me a few weeks to get the feel for it but I get a great shave everyday now with no nics. If your after a DE Razor and want to treat yourself then this is the one.

    Just to mention I’m very happy with Shavelounge. The items arrive very quickly and all well packed and protected.

  13. Iain A.

    I purchased this Razor after some deliberation over price. I tried the feather popular first and found that to be brilliant. This razor is a whole other level and I am told (by the mrs) it will also be the last razor I buy. Good job I love it!

  14. MH

    Opening the packaging is the first treat to be had and once you get to the razor you realise what all the fuss is about. Balanced such that it does the work for you and all you need to do is guide it to the area you want to shave. A statement piece for the shelf with the stand. All in a fantastic product that is worth the asking tag and will bring many years of service to its current keeper. Service from Shave Lounge also needs to be recognised in a positive manner.

  15. Sean K.

    An incredible razor that is giving me the best shave ever. A quality product that easily justifies the price.

  16. Sean Hardcastle

    Before I had even opend the box l knew I was in for a treat. Boy was I right, a wonderful piece of engineering. Once I had got used to the 45 degree shaving angle this razor gave me me one of the closest shaves ever. A smooth shave with Feather blades. I would recommend this razor to anyone, I know it seems a little expensive, but this razor will last a lifetime.

  17. Ian

    Great looking and well made razor with a neat stand. Smooth and very comfortable shave. Actually felt like it wasn’t shaving me. Top marks.

  18. David S.

    This is a beautifully balanced and immaculately crafted work of art. It is a pleasure to use with a top end biased weight distribution to allow effortless strokes and little extra pressure to shave VERY closely.
    Suddenly, my other good quality razors – Muhle 89 Grande
    and Merkur 34 G – seem rather rough and cause far more cuts and nicks than I realised should happen.

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