Feather FII Neo Cartridge Razor

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Twin-blade cartridge razor made in Japan by Feather.

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  1. Russ

    So many modern day razors cut too close at times removing your skin, this cleverly designed razor shaves perfectly, not to close, just right,
    really impressed!!

  2. Kevin

    This is a great cartridge razor, everything you’ld expect from a company like Feather, perfect for a cabin bag for long weekends. But I was so impressed by Shave Longes’ customer service that I felt compelled to write this review.
    Shave Lounge had obviously not been in formed that the razor no longer came with two spare blades and a travel shaving foam, but now come with one spare blade and no foam, When informed about this, SL where very apologetic and compensated me and, adjusted the website immediately, HATS OFF to SL.
    This great cartridge razor comes with TWO blades, one on the razor and one in the packaging.

  3. Austin Taychus

    Very good cartridge razor, even more so because it is only a two blade cartridge. Beats many four or five blade cartridges by far. Gives an excellent shave in only two passes. Good value.

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