Feather Pro Super Razor Blades

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  • 20 single edge (SE) blades
  • Injector style dispenser
  • Made in Japan

Suitable for Kai Captain, Feather Professional, and Above the Tie SE1 and SE2 razors.

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  1. Den Bailey (verified owner)

    Unsurpassed quality. The dispenser design is well thought out and the blade is sublime. Super sharp and long lasting. The perfect choice for my tough coarse beard. I can use these daily or infrequently with my artist club ACS for a superb shave every time. Up to 10 shaves from 1 blade means that these are great value.

  2. Adam (verified owner)

    More aggressive than other blades here but superb quality delivering a great shave with my Above the tie and Razorock hawk.

  3. Steven H.

    Great blades work well in my razorock hawk

  4. John H.

    Great service, fantastic price and a quality product.Top notch !

  5. Theodoros A.

    I think Feather Professional “Pro Super” Razor blades are the thickest and sharpest of the trio. For me they are superb blades demonstrating exceptional sharpness and long life.

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