Muhle R41 Double Edge Razor

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Double edge safety razor that is more suited to those with heavy beard growth. Chrome plated.

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  • Chrome plated
  • Engraved handle
  • One Muhle blade included
  • Handle length: 85mm
  • Weight: 63g
  1. Patrick

    Great mildly aggressive razor. Blade selection is very important. First blade was great, second blade (different brand) pulled hard and gave terrible razor burn. 3rd blade again shaves great. Good intermediate razor between a closed comb and open comb. Gives a DFS in one or two passes without the razor burn of an open comb.

  2. Dave

    The build quality, ease of use and and efficiency of this razor are superb. The plating is excellent and the blade needs no adjustment to sit square on it’s pins.

    The shave from the R41 is incredible, I have had no cuts or “weepers” and only a mild bit of irritation which I have overcome by changing the angle at which I use the razor. This is an absolute bargain at £25, highly recommended.

  3. marko

    After useing this well made razor for a week, I have come to the conclusion that using a feather blade in it was a little over the top, so I switched to a dorco blade and found it to be an ideal match.

    This is a good razor and if you take your time it will provide you with a very close shave.

  4. William

    Delivered promptly, so very happy with the purchase and Shave Lounge.

    This razor works very well for me, a single pass shave is fine before setting off for the office. At the weekends I might put in a second pass, but more for the pleasure of using such a lovely piece of kit than any real necessity.

    After trying Derby and Wilko’ blades I think that the Platinum Astras are the best blades for this razor. However, that is very much a personal preference based on my beard and skin type.

  5. Robin A

    There is a lot of hype written about this razor most of which is rubbish. Sure it is aggressive, but just take things easy until you are used to it and it will provide the smoothest most irritation free shave you’ve ever had. Of all the razors I own this is one of the best. Find a blade that suits you and use a good lather, (either soap or cream) and off you go.

    PS Shave Lounge is the best supplier I have ever dealt with.

  6. Kenny B

    Took the plunge and purchased this razor a couple of weeks ago and am I glad I did! I`ve experienced the smoothest, closest shaves of my life, no blood loss or irritation. You do have to treat it with respect but do not be put off by everything you read, or see on the net. Go on you know you want too..

  7. chinasky

    I’ve tried Edwin Jagger 89, Superspeed, Merkur Slant, Wizamet W-11 and W-6, Fatip Grande and Muhle 41 is the best!

  8. StuMcB

    Well I jumped in and purchased the Muhle R41, 2013 model. I’ve been shaving with variuos Open Combs for some years now and became curious as to how this ‘new’ version of the Open Comb would shave. My current go to razors are the Fatip Grande in Chrome and a vintage Gillette Aristocrat #15, both give super smooth shaves, but this new Muhle with an apparent less aggresive blade exposure is absolutley superb. The smoothness of a standard three pass shave is unbelievable. Like others have said leave just a tad more time for the shave ritual, no pressure, a good blade (I’m using Astra SP’s), and a good slick lather and you’ll be rewared with a great start to the day. It’s well put together with a good finish, no plating problems etc. As for the price? Well don’t go anywhere else this was the best price I could find. Speedy delivery and brilliant communications when I had a question about my purchase.

  9. Sloinge

    This is simply the finest safety razor that is available. The open comb design gives the closest and most precise shave that I have experienced, short of a straight razor in the hands of a barber.

    I agree entirely with the other reviewers and would echo the sentiments regarding due care and patience, this is a serious piece of kit.

    The only additional information that I would share is this

    1. I prefer a more rigid blade given the amount of exposed surface area.

    2. I would definitely recommend using a shave oil to reduce friction – this does lead to greater build up of residue on the comb and head. I wash my razor in hot very soapy water at least once a week to keep the head extra clean.

    Adding a few minutes to the ritual every morning is a good investment. You won’t be disappointed.

  10. Stu

    Decided, after 4yrs of DE shaving with a standard Edwin Jagger closed comb, that I should give an open comb a try, and after reading lots of reviews on various shaving forums, chose the R41. I’ll admit I was intrigued to see whether this razor would live up to its reputation for an unforgiving shave, but so far it’s been excellent, first shave was slightly tentative (and chose to use a Derby blade as they’re not too harsh), but once onto the second pass I was really enjoying the precision and overall balance. Have since tried with a Personna Platinum blade and that seems to suit it pretty well.

    In terms of fit & finish, the R41 is my first experience with Muhle, and I’m very impressed, equally impressed with Shave Lounge as this was my first order, will be ordering more shaving kit from here in the future, actually contemplating the Muhle R89 to replace my Edwin Jagger 🙂

  11. jabirdy

    Gets under the nose!

    Nice and shiny and very well made.

    I also have the R89 which is pretty much the same thing but closed combe, that gives in my opinion a more comfy shave but you trade off against the precision of the R41.

  12. Jack of Blades

    … but not for the squeamish.

    This is a very aggressive razor and gives a shave almost on par with an open blade.

    After you’ve mastered this instrument everything else will just pale by comparison but there is a learning curve and it must be treated with respect.

    The head alone is worth the money and when mated to a stainless steel iKon or Weber Bulldog handle it is the absolute DB’s in terms of weight and balance.

    Highly recommended but don’t take my word for it… Google it and see what the razor aficionados say about it!

  13. Alex

    I don’t have a particularly heavy beard but wanted to get as close as possible using a 1-pass shave. I already have an R89 and the R41 is just as good quality; the R41 is the closest DE razor I’ve used, and it reminded me of what a straight razor feels like.

    Don’t be put off if you don’t have a heavy beard or aren’t an expert at using an open-comb razor. Besides the usual preparation process, the key points here are to apply no pressure and take your time (don’t be heavy-handed / overconfident) and you should be pleased with the results. This is the closest 1-pass shave I’ve given myself and I haven’t cut myself once after my first use with it.

    P.S. I’m very impressed with the service and price from Shave Lounge – keep it up!

  14. Elliot Green

    As well made as this is, the blade angle and amount of exposure means the razor may as well be a razor blade nailed to a stick. The safety bar is so far away from the blade edge I cannot imagine how it can ever help guide you – it just seems to push up and add rigidity to the blade itself, given it overhangs so wildly

    One thing I have found is that a blunt blade is actually harder to shave with than a sharp blade. The free derby Shave Lounge supplied it with pulled a bit, but a feather made a good shave.

    As per other people on here, Shave Lounge delivery was very quick, despite being free. I have no idea why they seem to cost about 12% less than anywhere else on the internet for this razor.

    I would recommend this to a learner as much as I would recommend a Ferrari to a learner driver. I also found it a bad idea to try to learn how to use this with 5mm of stubble.

  15. Shamsu

    Name: Shamsu Miah

    Age: 32

    Shaving Style: Short strokes in a sweeping motion

    Using A Double Edge Razor Since: 2006

    Passes: 3 — with the grain, across the grain from left to right, across the grain from right to left (ear to ear). Or 2 passes — one with the grain, then a second pass against the grain followed by a touch-up.

    Favourite Shaving Products: Proraso Shaving Cream, Proraso Pre Shaving Cream, Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap, Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream, Dominica Bay Rum, Old Spice Shaving Mug, Muhle R41 Safety Razor, Feather Hi-Stainless Double Edge Razor Blade, Lucky Tiger Face Moisturizer.

    No other razor has ever provided me with a shave closer, smoother and cleaner than the shaves the Muhle R41 Safety Razor has provided me with. This razor really is a must-have for serious and experienced wet shavers. I would not recommend this razor to those who are new to traditional wet-shaving, or those who prefer to shave at a fast pace and in a somewhat care-free manner. The Muhle R41 Safety Razor should be handled with great care, time and attention. If you have never shaved using a double edge razor (safety razor), or a shavette or straight razor, then the R41 is not for you! The potential danger of using the R41 becomes apparent straight after it has been loaded with a razor blade; the protrusion/exposure of the blade will make you want to come back another day and stick to your Merkur 34C HD Safety Razor a tad longer.

    If you are already using an “aggressive” safety razor, then a step-up to the Muhle R41 Safety Razor will be the best thing you have ever done where shaving is concerned. If not, then it may still be worth a try, but just be sure to have some alum block handy.

    Performance aside, the Muhle R41 Safety Razor is a beautiful looking razor that has been made to a very high standard with a smooth and sleek chrome finish. The ‘Grande’ version of this razor is the same razor but with a longer handle, which to me is unnecessary as the weight, balance and the length of the standard version of the R41 is adequate.

    Thanks for reading.

    P.S. Shave Lounge is the best online supplier for men’s grooming products. They cannot be beaten when it comes to value for money, quality, reliability, delivery and overall customer service. I am stating this from my own shopping experience with Shave Lounge. The customer service that I received from Anthony at Shave Lounge is the best customer service experience that I have ever received as far as I can remember.

    Thank you!

  16. Raj

    Having shaved with different razors (Merkur HD, EJ89, Gillette Slim adjustable), I went for the open combed Muhle R41. It is a very aggressive razor and you can actually hear the rasping sound of the blade as it cuts the beard. The craftsmanship is of a very high quality and the finish is just superb. You have to be very careful with this razor though and apply the lightest of touches or else pay for it in blood! It gives me a very smooth shave in just 2 passes. Outstanding customer service from Shave Lounge and fast despatch make this a must buy.

  17. Str8 Shaver

    This beast will give you the closest, most satisfying shave that a D/E could possibly give… but treat it with respect!! It won’t belong until the MUHLE R41 earns a well deserved cult following….

  18. andy

    Having used an EJ89L for the past 6 months I wanted something a little more “aggressive” and the R41 certainly fits the bill. This is NOT a safety razor for those new to DE shaving, it is more suitable to experienced DE shavers. To say it is an “aggressive” razor is an understatement, it must be used with the lightest of pressure and a good shaving soap/cream. The results are a very, very close shave, but any lack in concentration may result in nicks and cuts. The build quality is very good, perhaps not quite as good as an EJ razor, only time will tell.

    Excellent service from Shave Lounge too with prompt well packaged delivery too.

  19. William

    This is an aesthetically beautiful razor and very well made and finished..the chrome plating is flawlessly superb…..I find it very pleasant to handle…and once I’d got the hang of it a joy to use….

    I have been DE shaving for 50 years..and the first two shaves with this razor felt as though I’d been roughly sandpapered…..Then with advice from several sources……….I lightened my touch ….as light as possible and to still be shaving……..I changed the shaving angle……….and OH JOY what a Magically superb shave…like nothing ever before…

    This razor will deliver a shave closer and smoother than anything you’ve probably ever experienced……….HOWEVER….This IS NOT a razor for the beginner..It is NOT a razor for someone in a rush………Forget any razor technique you’ve used before with cartridge ..or DE systems…..this razor DEMANDS your full attention…..Concentrate on how LIGHTLY you can touch it on your skin…concentrate on the BLADE ANGLE as though you were shaving with a straight razor……..RESPECT is the key here….I also find it shaves better with blades other than a Feather…Feathers are just too sharp for this razor…silly as that sounds.

    This is a superb instrument and if you’re prepared to learn its secrets…..It will deliver to you the perfect (BBS) baby’s bottom smooth shave.

    I always use the same technique….

    Three separate soapings’ with a brush the soap whipped into the consistency of cream with no visible bubbles and a rinse in between each…..shaving with the grain……Across the grain…..then against the grain.


  20. JD

    Overall great razor, head is fantastic however handle slightly too thick. Get a really nice close smooth shave with this one. Highly recommend it. Ordered another one for my son.

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