Muhle R41 Double Edge Razor Head

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Chrome plated double edge razor head. Suitable for heavy and/or coarse beard growth.

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  • Double edge razor head
  • Chrome plated
  • Suited to heavy and/or coarse beard growth
  • Made in Germany
  • Compatible with most razor handles
  • Weight: 30g

    Так себе

  2. Paul C.

    A legend in its own life time the great Muhle R41. Every shaver should have a lovely R41 it gives a close but comfortable shave. I love it as much as I love the shave lounge for its outstanding service and free delivery.

  3. M. L.

    Having been using a Merkur for the last year or so, and mastering how to shave with a DE Razor…. I have now discovered how mild it truly is.
    The R41 while being a very superior razor, offers an extremely close shave – but can also mess you up if you dont take care. I can now achieve in a single pass what would normally take 2 with the Merkur. And I am extremely happy with this razor. I use the head on my Merkur handle, so it looks stylish and worked for my budget. So while this is a positive review, it should be noted that if taken too lightly it can cut you up pretty bad – even for experienced users. Treat with respect, or receive punishment. It took me a few attempts to realize that I cannot go as fast and swift as I did previously. If you go a few inches at a time, nice and steady and slow – you will get a very pleasant result without the cuts and burns.

  4. david b.

    Excellent quality and excellent performance!
    Bbs with ease,but take your time and go easy and you won’t get bitten!
    I highly recommend this head!
    A worthy 5 stars!

  5. Garry P.

    The best way for me to describe the Mühle R41 to anyone considering on buying this product is ‘superb’
    People describe the head as aggressive, as more of the blade is exposed with the open comb design but it will give you the most comfortable closet shave you will ever have.
    A great addition and choice to have along side the R89 in my shave den.

  6. Matthew Green

    I bought this head as a replacement for a Muhle R89. I liked the R89; it was my go-to mild head for a quick, half-asleep mid-week shave where I could live without super-smoothness. But I always felt like this nicely balanced Muhle razor was being let down a bit by a head that was – if I’m honest – too tame to be satisfying. Changing to the R41 has been a complete game-changer. I’ve not used my Merkur Futur or my R89 since the R41 arrived. This head lets me combine the balance of the Muhle razor with the closeness of the Merkur. Wth a light touch, a Feather blade and XPEC cream or MdC soap my three-phase shave has become a two-pass and BB smooth is now the norm however half-asleep I am.

  7. Luca P.

    Impressive razor. Let’s stop calling him “aggressive”… let’s simply call it “effective”. Not for everyday use or for beginners, but definitely a piece of extraordinary mechanical engineering which – if handled properly – can give fantastic shaves. Highly recommended.

  8. Robert J.

    Bought this as an alternative head for my Edwin Jagger DE8 and Merker 23C. The head uses the same thread as the EJ and Merker and is a perfect fit on both. Usual Muhle quality it gives a very close shave. Excellent paired with a Pesonna Crystal blade.

  9. Jeffrey W.

    Getting a really close shave using treet blades.

  10. Malcolm94

    Im a straight razor shaver mostly, my first foray was the R89 and this head shares the handle. I think this is the revised version of R41. Its a really good razor, But I don’t know why everyone is scared of it.
    Sissies. You can feel the blade on your face but it is a safety razor after all.
    Probably not for a newbie to start with but go for it.

  11. Richard D.

    I bought this head as I already had an R89 and they share a handle.

    After learning no end from using the more forgiving razor I decided to try the more efficient head and it doesn’t disappoint. In my opinion it isn’t an appropriate choice to dip your toe into DE shaving, but once you are comfortable with a forgiving head this is a worthy upgrade.

    Shave Lounge come recommended too. Service and packaging/shipping are very good.

  12. William D.

    Wish I had bought this instead of muhle 89r, give me a much better shave. BBS with 3 passes and no areas to go over after.

  13. Mervyn c.

    I recently bought some Muhle R41 Open Comb DE Razor Head would just like to say a great product and great service I have received from the Shave Lounge.

    will be back guys thank you.

    Mervyn Cadman

  14. Lord M.


  15. Iain L.

    Superb razor head,great service from shave lounge.

  16. daniel d.

    Ideal if you have heavy growth
    Too quality as you would expect from muhle

  17. Andrew S.

    Fantastic razor head was curious about its aggressiveness but not as bad as I expected but you do need to use care. Would not recommend for someone new to wet shaving

  18. Stafford B.

    I bought the R41 head to compliment my R89 Grande that i had already bought from the shave lounge, both the R41 & R89 are simply superb, shaves are incredibly close with both, especially the R41 as it is an open comb, don’t be afraid to get this Muhle head, just remember to take your time when shaving with it and before you know it you’ll be getting the best shaves ever !
    I can’t recommend this R41 open comb head enough if you want the ultimate close shave available in DE razors !

  19. The S.

    I bought this razor mostly because of its fearsome reputation. I decided on the head only option because, having fondled the Muhle handles, the knurling / patterning lacks grip. I paired the head with an Ikon Bulldog handle and a Gillette 7 o’clock Sharp blade and got a great shave. No nicks but you can feel the scrape of the blade across your skin which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. For this price, and if you have a compatible handle, definitely worth a go.

  20. Darren H.

    As a daily user of an EJ89 I decided to try something a little more aggressive, this was the best value for money option.
    On receiving the R41 head I took a deep breath and went to the bathroom.
    Normally I use a Feather blade with my EJ89, but I did not feel brave enough to pair it to this head. Instead I opted for a Personna Blue that came free with the head (thanks Shave Lounge), my EJ handle fitted the R41 perfectly.
    Using it was not the horror story I expected, yes it’s aggressive, you can definitely feel the blade. But by taking my time I had the most efficient shave I have ever had, it’s not a razor to be used on a hectic morning for sure.
    At the end of my first shave I did not look like Hellraser, nor did shaving under my nose result in a hair lip!
    If you are considering it, give the R41 a go, it’s only a razor, you don’t need super powers to wield it, just a healthy amount of respect for its potential to cut deep.

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