Muhle R89 DE Safety Razor Head

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  • Chrome plated razor head
  • Offers a mild shave
  • Weight: 30g

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  1. kNeily

    Not into collecting, just wanted to put together some shaving gear. After trying a couple of different options the Muhle R89 head with Ikon OSS handle using Gillette 7 o’clock yellow blades is working best for me. Really good close shave, minimal irritation or nicks, good heft in the hand. Great for every day, breaks down nice for travel. Love it. Great service from Shave lounge too, my prefferred supplier.

  2. Anthony.

    If you have an unemployed R41 lying around somewhere, discarded because of it’s aggressiveness, try one of these.
    It gives a surprisingly good shave for such a mild head – two passes and a touch up – job done, unless you want absolute BBS which will require three full passes.
    For those beginners who might find the Merkur HD with it’s weight and chunky appearance a little intimidating, I would suggest trying this one, a far more elegant solution.

  3. Mark W.

    Great product. Excellent service as always. It brought a different dimension to my shave. It also allows me to swap around handles, which is always a bonus.

  4. Kashmir S.

    I bought this Muhle razor head so i could swap it with my open comb Muhle razor head, Muhle R89 gave me closest and smoothest shave when used with the free Astra blades that were supplied. Thanks very much Shave Lounge. Kash

  5. Steve W.

    Great products but a pity that the razor head screw shears so easily. Replaced two now, one damaged by Ryan Air baggage handlers the other dropped from razor stand. Still a great shave!

  6. Gordon M.

    I chose the R89 Closed Comb head having struggled with an Open Comb (R41 Grande) and noticed an immediate improvement in the quality of shaving comfort and effectiveness. My experience was that the Open Comb was more aggressive and I was delighted to replace only the head as I found the Muhle a well-engineered and well-balanced piece of engineering.

  7. Ian H.

    For reference exactly same as any EJ DE89 head, but that is to say good quality product made to high standards, purchased with Ikon Bulldog handle this combo gives me a great shave!

  8. Adam W.

    I bought this head to fit into the wooden razor handles that I make. It gives a much better shave than the head supplied with the parts I use. It’s not too aggressive, yet removes a good few days growth quickly and easily when paired with my favourite blades (Personna Blue)

  9. TheSilverback

    I bought this to use with an iKon handle and it works well; smooth, hassle free shaves. I have been using a Shark blade this week but I suspect most blades will yield a decent shave. The quality of the chrome is v good too (better than my Merkur razors IMHO). At this price give it a go and pair it with your favourite handle.

  10. Brian M.

    I use the head with a Wilkinson sword blade and always get a good BBS shave. Good value.

  11. Peter A.

    Very high quality and gives a nice close shave.

  12. Nick B.

    I love the Muhle R89, I only bought this one because i broke the original

  13. Roy W.

    Amazing quality, cheapest prices, free delivery and free gifts 10/10

  14. John P.

    Perfect replacement to the existing head

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