Muhle R89 Double Edge Razor

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Chrome-plated double edge razor.

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The Muhle R89 DE safety razor offers a mild, yet close shave, making it ideal for DE safety razor novices or experienced shavers with medium to light beard growth. The R89 has a high-quality chrome plated finish.

  • Offers a mild shave
  • Chrome plated
  • Closed comb head
  • Engraved handle
  • Supplied with one Muhle blade
  • Handle length: 85mm
  • Razor weight: 67g
  • Made in Germany
  1. EIA

    I have wet shaved for the last 35 years, first with disposable razors (Wilkinson’s are the best and I still use them when travelling), then with a shavette and in the last two years with various safety DE razors. You guessed it: I was willing to take the big step towards straight razor shaving but chickened out!

    This razor is an outstanding show of craftsmanship: it looks as if it was built with surgical instrument tolerances. It is very well balanced with a heavy handle perfectly compensating for the somewhat bulky head. The handle’s texture prevents the razor from slipping in your wet hands, but I would advise against using it with soap on your hands. The head is designed so that it slightly curves the blade while only allowing for a limited cutting angle range.

    The result is a very smooth and forgiving shave – not a single drop of blood was drawn since the first day.

    I have a tendency for developing razor burn on the neck area and the Mühle R89, loaded with the complimentary Derby blades (thank you, Shave Lounge!) provides the smoothest shave I’ve had in years. For those of you with the same problem, I’ll share my routine: shower, rinse with warm/hot water, Semogue badger brush, Musgo shaving soap, one pass with the grain and one across the grain, rinse with cold water, gently dry (pat) with soft towel, Eucerin Silver aftershave balm. It’s a winner.

  2. Darren

    I’m new to safety razor shaving and can’t recommend this enough. It has a nice, weighty feel, and its simplicity is a refreshing change from the cartridge style razors. I think it’s fair to say that this razor is perfect for those ham-fisted newbies (such as myself) as it’s pretty forgiving in terms of the shave…

  3. joshmobley

    This is my first experience with a traditional safety razor, but it has been a great introduction so far. This razor is easy to load and keep clean, while looking great on it’s stand.

    It has so far provided some of the best shaves of my life with very little irritation or nicks, even from a low-skilled shaver who is still learning, like myself.

    I would recommend this razor to anyone looking for a comfortable but quality shave.

  4. Adam

    My first DE safety razor and still among my favourites.

    This is in regular rotation among my ever-expanding razor stack, despite more expensive, more-acclaimed additions.

    That says it all really.

    Beautiful rock-solid German engineering underpins the quality shave you get every time you use the Muhle R89.

    Stick a Gillette 7 O’Clock Yellow in it and it is seriously Premier League.

    Great for beginners but also one to keep even the experts coming back time and time again. The easiest lifetime commitment you’ll ever make.

  5. denis

    Comfortable good razor, optimal weight. Maybe just a little bit short handle.

  6. Faz

    This is my first venture in to double edge safety razors and I cannot be more pleased with my purchase. Let me say I am pleased to have brought from Shave Lounge and pleased to have purchased Muhle R89.

    The Muhle R89 is brilliant. The razor looks absolutely stunning especially with this barley design handle which is nice to hold. Yes the handle is shorter than your average razors but don’t let the put you off as it works well. I read a lot of review about DE razors and I can say it is really easy to use and is almost no different to your standard razors. Its shaves just as well and in fact I would say better – I am comparing a triple blade to this single blade. Also, I have a habit of shaving against the grain and I can with this as well.

    I am still getting used to this so I take a little extra care around the lip especially but I now pay more attention to shaving and actually enjoy it. I have shaved five or six times with one blade so far and its seems fine the moment. I am not sure what to expect in terms of usage from one blade but at these current blade prices I am more than happy.

    Staff at Shave Lounge are brilliant! Pre and post sales. They provided advice before purchasing and were quick to respond after purchase answering my questions – customer service is second to none. Highly recommended.

  7. Müller

    The R89 was my first foray into the world of DE shaving and, having read several reviews, I am pleased to say that this is a great choice.

    Initially put off by the small handle, I’m over six foot, I’ve found it to be a perfect fit as you tend to hold the razor with only the the thumb, index and middle fingers. Anything larger would prove unwieldy I think, especially when trying to shave under the nose.

    The service from Anthony at Shave Lounge was exemplary and he was happy to offer advice over the phone. If you’re thinking of moving away from expensive, multi-bladed razors the R89 is a great choice and the speedy delivery from Shave Lounge is a refreshing change in an age in which customer service is all but forgotten.

    Buy with confidence!

  8. DC

    Reverting back to D/E after a long break so had to rebuild the kit from the start. This was highly recommended on many portals as a starter razor and it is such a joy!

    I am delighted with the service from Shave Lounge as it was best price and prompt delivery. Loyalty has been earned since then!

  9. nikford

    Fantastic razor really enjoying the experience. I can strongly recommend this razor to anyone who is new to DE shaving like myself well done Muhle !!! 10/10

  10. Tomo

    Beautifully made and super shiny, almost too shiny because it’s so smooth even with the design on the handle that you have to be careful it doesn’t slip. Just keep your fingers free from soap.

  11. OrangeSport

    Had my first shave with an R89 today, and it really surprised me. It is one of the nicest razors I have used, giving a close and comfortable shave really easily. The finish on Muhles is also excellent, so the razor looks and feels like a quality item. Highly recommended.

  12. Nicholas

    I decided to upgrade from using disposable razors a few months ago and it was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. The safety razor is sturdy, with some weight to it, and I always manage a nice clean shave. There’s something about using one that just makes you feel like a real man.

  13. Henderson

    This razor is extremely well made. Before it I used the Merkur 34C for about 7 years until the chrome plating came off. It looks as though this one will last at least that long. The quality of chrome plating is far superior to the 34C. The head has no casting marks and the surface is flawless. Furthermore the precision of tooling is better than the Merkur, as both peices of the head match up perfectly. The Muhle is lighter than the 34C, but the razor still has a sturdy and durable feel to it.

    In terms of aggression, it is a medium to aggressive razor. You can comfortably shave ever day with it, and it will easily tackle two or three days growth in one pass.

    The key to this type of shaving is the combination of blades and a good soap, but the razor in its self is an excellent tool for the job.

  14. Nhurrell

    What a great shave. Well manufactured product and weighty which adds to the balance of the shave. As a newbie to DE shaving, I was apprehensive to switch from conventional razors to these, but as soon as I shaved once (which was easy) its a great feeling. No pull or nasty razor burn! These safety razors cut through the hair with ease and it’s a pleasurable experience. Take the leap and buy a Muhle! Nick

  15. stuart

    Shave Lounge got the razor to me quickly. It’s a quality razor indeed and shaves me well. It is quite stubby though and I think that I would like a longer handle. If you are moving to one of these from a gillette or something this is a lot shorter. That said, it fits neatly into my wash bag and makes me shave slower giving great results.

  16. Alex

    This is my first DE razor & having done some research, the R89 seemed like the best choice – I’m very happy with it, it’s very forgiving and hasn’t cut me once. It feels so smooth, helped by the nice sturdy build/weight (not something I’d ever experienced with a disposable) & is a treat to use. If you’re wanting to get into DE shaving I daresay you’d be very pleased with this.

  17. Imi

    Apart from a brief dabble during my electric phase, I have been a relatively happy wet-shaver all my life.

    A few years ago I bought a lovely adjustable DE razor from another well known German manufacturer and enjoyed the adrenaline rush of wielding it under my nose. However, I confess that I would turn to my old 2 blade cartridge razor on most mornings because it’s just plain quicker.

    However, the Muhle R89 proves that sometimes simpler is better. Fixed blade, impeccable engineering and an absolute joy to use every day. It provides a very, very smooth shave, is fairly forgiving and extremely comfortable to hold. I have used it every day for the past week or so and it is now the only razor I want to use.

    Utterly recommended for everyone from beginners to experts.

    Finally, a quick thanks to the Shave Lounge team for providing such excellent customer service! The best site of its kind for me.

  18. Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel.

    After a good soak in a very hot bath so it softened the beard perfectly, my first shave with the Muhle R89 could not have been better, using a Feather blade and Lucky Tiger cream (a free sample from Shave Lounge) it just glided across my face and neck. 3 passes, up, down and across left me with not a single scratch.

  19. Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel.

    Took delivery this morning of said razor, must say on first impressions, it looks the business. Superb quality, threads on handle work like a dream, it just feels so right in the hand. German build quality (and I thought they were only happy in a trench.)

    Will try it out tonight, and get back to you. As Groucho said, I cant wait.

  20. Brett

    This is my first safety razor. Having trawled the net comparing products, I’ve found the Muhle R89 to be just right.

    The handle is a good length & thickness and easy to hold whilst shaving (thanks to the engraved grip).

    I’ve used this razor with Merkur & Derby blades and having sensitive skin, I would say it’s not aggressive and gives a damn good shave.

    The Muhle R89, looks great, feels great and I highly recommend it to anyone taking their first step into the world of DE razors.

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