10 x Personna Platinum DE Safety Razor Blades

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  • 10 platinum chrome DE razor blades
  • Plastic blade dispenser
  • Made in Israel

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  1. Bigpeter

    Received my merkur 34c today and had to try it with astra platinum blade very smooth and no razor burn!!! Highly recommend buying one of these haven’t tried the blades that come with it yet hope they are as good as the astra great quick delivery from shave lounge will definitely buy from again

  2. Robert W.

    These came bundled with my new Merkur DE razor. Compared to the other blades supplied these are not good. Bad shave. Almost as if it was an old, dull blade. Ditched the rest of the pack. Too many good blades out there to waste time with these.

  3. Gary W.

    I’m new to DE shaving and got several blades to try. This was the first one I used in an EJ razor and I really didn’t get on with it. I’ve been through several other blades since and came back to try another one of these today to see if it was just that my technique was poor….. Compared to the other blades I’ve tried, these tug / drag and just don’t seem to do a very good job. I’ve given them two stars as at least it didn’t cut me. It didn’t cut my beard either 😉

  4. Hullage1

    Got a pack of these in the value bundle. Not too chuffed as, in my C80, these tug and burn. Much happier with the Sharks.

  5. Lee B.

    Great product not as sharp as a feather blade but a lot smoother shave.The packaging for the blade’s is top quality and as always a great service from shave lounge.

    .The packaging for the blade’s is top quality and as always the service from shave lounge is second to none

  6. John R.

    Great delivery that was worth 5 stars alone, I already knew Personnas suited me so this is about the great price and service from Shave Lounge.

  7. Nick B.

    Great price and quick delivery what more could you ask for.

  8. Timofey S.

    Good one indeed

  9. Nick H.

    These are a bit of a paradox for me. I actually manage to get a decent shave with these blades in my Muhle R89, with little irritation; but they always feel rough and as if they’re tugging the hairs. I’m not going to continue to use them in the R89, but will try the remaining ones in a slant bar to see if there’s any improvement.

  10. Stephen

    Best blades for my face. I use them with a Merkur 34c, EJ best badger brush and TOBS Sandalwood cream (Proraso in warmer weather). Sharp, but forgiving; especially in those areas needing touched up again after the passes. Just proves that sharpest doesn’t necessarily mean the most comfortable, These give me a close, smooth shave, with no razor burn. I tried my same shaving technique (good prep – ‘by the book’, no pressure etc.) using a Feather blade and did get slight razor burn. I know the Feathers are the Holy Grail of blades; but it just shows that blades are as personal a choice as, say, fragrance.

  11. gastrick bunsen

    I’ve tried these in two different razors, an EJ De89 and because someone mentioned a Merkur, I tried in a Lord with a Merkur copied head.
    In my experience the drag and pull, not a smooth shave at all.

  12. The S.

    I got these free with the purchase of a razor. I have found them to be sharp but they feel a bit scratchy against my skin. A decent enough shave but not my favourite. My only other observation is that they are made in Israel, not the USA as stated.

  13. Thomas C.

    Sharp and long lasting, what more do you need from a blade?

  14. Andrew B.

    Tried these a few times and find them aggressive and not smooth at all. They’re sharp and tuggy for me – burn around the neck and leave my skin feeling abused. That’s just me though – they get a decent name and have lots of positive reviews. Glad I tried them, but I won’t order again.

  15. Lb1

    I get on very well with these. Very sharp but also smooth. One of the best blades I’ve used so far.

    Excellent service from Shave Lounge.

  16. Goblin

    Very good blade shaves better than a multi-blade razor.

  17. Lee

    Only used the one, but what a great shave. Smooth and close, a complete contrast to the blade (from a different company) I had used for my previous shave. We’ll see if they continue, but a great start.

  18. Chris

    Fantastic blades, very smooth indeed.

  19. Arichandran B.

    These are excellent blades, less aggressive than the Feather blades I was previously using. They provide a close and comfortable shave. Highly recommended.

  20. John F.

    With my Merkur Futur no other blade, including Feather, come anywhere near as good. No tugging or pulling. A perfect blade for me with my Merkur. Having recently had a hot towel shave at a local barbers, it was not as good as I get every day. I had to return home and shave properly with my Futur and Personna Blade.

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