Proraso Menthol Shaving Cream Tube

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Classic Italian shaving cream formulated with eucalyptus oil.

Size: 150ml

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  • Classic Italian shaving cream
  • Formulated with eucalyptus oil
  • Refreshing mint scent
  • Parabens free
  • Made in Italy
  • Size: 150ml
  1. Lee

    Raved about, so thought I would try some. Only used once so far. Nice cooling effect, but I didn’t find it had as much in the way of slickness to allow a smooth glide as some others. Will keep trying though, and a few other versions of this to try too.

  2. Davep90

    Firstly a great Cream and lives up to all the hype. I would think this will last a very good while as a thumbnail size blob with a bowl and brush creates easily enough creamy lather for three passes.

    I have only scored 4 out of 5 because the menthol is not as strong as I expected or would have liked.

  3. dave

    I have tried just about all shaving creams and this one is the best, no doubts about it, backed up with there pre shave you will not find anything better. You lads with shaving foam do your self a favour and try it and its cheap and lasts for ages. Shaving for 50 years now I know good stuff like a babys bum. Try it you will love it honest.

  4. Shane orme

    First of all great company, fast delivery, will be buying all my shaving products from you in the future. I received a tube of proraso today, I usually use taylor of old bond street but gave this ago because of reviews, fantastic cream as good as taylors, this will now be my shaving cream 5 stars.

  5. Dan

    After reading about Proraso and how good their shaving creams were I decided to give it a shot, for just over a fiver for 150ml which is huge, it offers fantastic value for money. I love the cooling menthol sensation you get and the cream lathers very well. You don’t even need that much either to get a good mix, 2cm will do and for someone who shaves every 2-3 days this tube will last over 6 months!

    I’ve used it 3-4 times now and every shave has been thoroughly smooth and comfortable. I do like this cream very much and for anyone wanting to give it a go what are you waiting for? Get yourself a tube!

  6. Tom

    Best shaving cream I have ever used, love the smell, gives a really smooth shave, feels great on my skin, makes good lather even with hard water, reasonable price.

  7. bobpitt

    This is a good ,thick, pleasant to use shaving cream. I’ve used it for two weeks now and there’s plenty left, so I may get a month out of it. Much better than a spray gel or foam. My face feels very refreshed once I’ve had a shave, a good buy, I think.

  8. A

    This is a great product. I had previously been using a shaving soap and achieving a good lather was a bit hit and miss. No longer a problem with this cream. A small blob will give a good lather using either a mug or applied directly to the face. One blob is also suitable to lather your whole face at least twice (probably more I only tend to do two passes when I shave).

    The eucalyptus is also very soothing and cooling for the face as you shave. Finally, considering the small amount you need to use each time the tube is pretty huge, this stuff will last me ages. For the price it really is amazing, I will definitely be buying again and would certainly recommend.

  9. fuzzy duck

    Lathers up really nicely. The eucalyptus gives a great fragrance and leaves the face feeling clean and cool. Heartily recommend.

  10. Juju

    I’ve sampled many other brands yet I keep coming back to this. It outperforms products that cost much more. I’m not quite sure why I’m still searching for something better when I’ve already found the best!

  11. MisterSpoon

    Absolutely first rate stuff. Great lather, subtle smell, does exactly what you want it to do… and judging by how much I’ve used, it’s going to take years to get through!

  12. AP

    Having tried a number of cheaper super market purchased shaving creams with pretty good results I thought that it was about time to get my hands (well face) on the God Father of shaving creams. Proraso is raved about across the web and YouTube. The cream is a really good quality product and allows a very good fresh clean shave. 3cm of cream, whipped up into a luxurious meringue easily provides three lathers with a good quality pre-warmed badge hair shaving brush. After shaving I go through my usual routine; warm water rinse, cool water rinse, cold water rinse. Liberal rub with a wet Alum block, a little swearing, a few tears and then final cold water soak (as cold as I can get it) for as long as possible before gently patting my face dry with a towel and applying a little moisturiser. My first shave with Proraso, a four pass, with an EJ DE89 and Astra blade was so clean that I didn’t need to shave again for three days….. even though I wanted to!! The Proraso is a great product for the price and lived up to my pretty high expectations. I heard that this is the cream that lots of professional barbers use to wet shave their Clients, and I can certainly see why!!

  13. Andy H

    Great cooling effect when used with Proraso pre shave cream. Just squirt a pea size amount into your favourite badger brush and lather up on wet face. Great value for money as just as good as some of the more expensive creams. I would definitely buy again.

  14. Aaron

    Lathers really well from a small amount. Pleasant smell, like old soap with a hint of eucalyptus.

    Exceptional value and will last a long time.

  15. Proraso User

    Great product, super quick service. Thanks.

  16. Hairy man

    The Proraso Eucalyptus Shaving Cream is an absolutely fantastic product. Have read a number of good reviews about the product so I decided to try it out. Having tried a number of much more expensive shaving creams with little success I am extremely happy I chose to try this as it provides a very close and smooth shave leaving my face well moisturised. It also has a pleasant clean smell to it.

    Will definitely be recommending it to friends.

  17. rdwe1

    Really lathers well and does the job. Not the best fragrance ever but certainly not unpleasant.

  18. Ed

    Before trying proraso I was a firm believer that you couldn’t beat Taylor of Old Bond Street creams. But with the heatwave of late, its been refreshing and invigorating to use Proraso. I’d highly recommend to anyone considering it.

    Delivery was extremely fast with first rate packaging.

  19. Michael

    I’ve used this cream for quite a few years now and it’s one of the best on the market, I would even say it’s better than a lot of the ‘premium’ creams that are three times more expensive than this!

  20. Dmitry N.

    Very good cream with a pleasant odor. The foam is easily whipped.

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