Proraso Shaving Cream Tube – Sandalwood

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  • Classic Italian shaving cream
  • Formulated with shea butter
  • Sandalwood scent
  • Parabens free
  • Made in Italy
  • Size: 150ml

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  1. Steve J.

    EXcellent. I will purchase this again.

  2. Harvey H.

    The best shaving cream I’ve used, I have all the different combinations, the sandalwood and Shea butter is my favourite.

  3. Stanley B.

    A very nice smooth cream which produces a rich lather. I agree with other reviewers that the fragrance is weak which lets it down a little. Having said that, I would buy it again even though I would prefer a stronger fragrance.

    Excellent service from Shave Lounge.

  4. Cal

    If you have a tough beard and dry skin… GET THIS STUFF!

    I’m one for simplicity, and this single product does every single thing for my face that I need, plus. No need for pre- or after-shave products, this baby does the lot. My face has never got better shaves, or felt more pampered, ever.

    Since I first tried it, two months ago, I haven’t used another shave soap/cream. I love the sandalwood scent which is pleasant, and subtle… so it won’t make lovers, or haters, of that scent jump on you.

  5. Andy B.

    Proraso is always good stuff – lathers up great, as others have said the scent isn’t strong – but thats how I like it. Slowly working my way through all the non brush creams here and I keep coming back to Proraso as it always does the job very well. If you don’t already know Shave Lounge have great service.

  6. Mr T.

    An excellent product.

  7. Benji

    Firstly I would like to say that just like any other Proraso cream this lathers easily and gives good, slick protection. It also leaves my face feeling nice and soft when I am done shaving. The only thing stopping me giving this cream 5 stars is the scent. I like the scent, its a nice scent (some say this is the true sandalwood scent), the problem is that its weak, its very very weak. The truth is you can hardly smell it. If Proraso manage to make the scent stronger then this cream would be up there with the best of them.

    On another note Shave Lounge provided me with another decent experience, their customer service was helpful and quick to get my package posted, which arrived the very next day.

  8. pgs

    Summary: lightly scented cream that produces a creamy rich product but not a huge lather.
    Background: I have quite dry and sensetive skin. I live in London and use tap water. I use a Gillette Mach 3 Turbo. I find Floris to be superb but it’s price has sky-rocketed and the tube size shrunk so, on a point of principle, I don’t buy it. Crabtree is good but I find the sandlewood a little to scented and it tends to irritate a few days’ of use. Crabtree’s goats’ milk was great but they’ve stopped making it. Truefitt’s Finest No 10 is fairly good and gives a good long lasting shave but i find it a little thin and lacking in ‘body’.


    value for money – this product comes in a huge tube and very little is needed (less than an inch of product, i’d say). superb value for money. let’s hope the maker doesn’t realise.

    preparation – i always use my hands to lather chaving cream (or occasionally do so on my face if so directed). Proraso responds ok to this treatment and after a couple of weeks’ use I’d say that it’s worth spending some extra time working up the lather : the product seems to continue to thicken but it’s quite slow.

    application – the product goes on well and is slick. less than an inch of product will give you sufficient to have two face coverings of cream.

    the shave – some reports suggest that this product gives an exceptional ‘cushion’. while i’m not entirely sure what that means, i would say that the product allows the blade to move smoothly over the skin. but the product is not gunky and does not block up the razor head. the shave is extremely comfortable. my criticism is that the shave doesn’t ‘last’ : while the product gives a smooth and close shave there’s a sense in which my ‘beard’ reappears by early afternoon. i don’t know why this would be. i don’t have an abnormally strong beard growth…

  9. Stuart

    Now I’ve used Proraso on and off for years. It’s kinda love, hate with me. Latley though it’s been hate and I’ve used other cheaper menthol shave creams. Then comes along Proraso Karite saving cream. Also called Proraso red and Proraso sandalwood. Don’t buy this cream if your a super big sandalwood fan, the scent is super faint but it’s there. The cream is nice and slick before a lather is made even slicker after lathering up. It’s easy to lather aswell. I’ve found a little goes a long way but you do need to keep an eye on the cream water ratio. Too much water and it’s start again time, too little and it’s dry as a dogs bone. Cheapest on the web and well worth the price. It’s a big old tube and should last a load of shaves. Go on get some you wont be disappointed.

  10. Johnny5

    What a great suprise this little red tube of delight was! Mountains of rich, thick lather with a subtle sandalwood scent, provides a great shave everytime, swiftly becoming my favourite, try it!

  11. David L.

    This is my first time with a cream and I have to say it has been a good experience.
    The cream lathers well and lubricates very well.
    The scent is not quite to my taste but that is a personal thing.

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