RazoRock ‘Big Bruce’ Synthetic Fibre Shaving Brush

£17.00 Free UK delivery

  • Synthetic ‘Plissoft’ fibres
  • Black resin handle
  • Knot: 26mm
  • Loft: 63mm
  • Height: 113mm

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  1. Chris V (verified owner)

    This is my first synthetic brush and I can’t believe the quality for £17 including free delivery, the brush came this morning and I went straight to the bath room and lathered it up with Arko soap, the brush whipped up the soap as good if not better than any of my other brushes including a super badger brush, I find my super badger brush too limp and was thinking about a best badger hoping it had a bit more backbone it was for this reason that I normally use a boar brush. The big bruce has converted me no need for animal hair anymore, this brush seems to have the softness of the best grade badger hair but with just enough backbone to not go all floppy, and it holds on to lather very well ,this is amazing for a brush of this price, every review should mention any dislikes and the only thing I would mention is this is a big brush and the smaller bruce might be a better size for me but that is not a criticism of the brush , at this price I will buy the 24mm knott bruce anyway , looks like my badger and boar brushes are going to be left on the shelf now. cant wait to try it later with my Extro Cosmesi soap.

    Last but not least the service from Shave Lounge was excellent and the parcel arrived on time Thank you.


  2. Will (verified owner)

    Excellent value for money, this is the first synthetic brush I have tried and I am very impressed with it. As others have mentioned this dries out very quickly and I am considering getting one of the smaller ones for travel.

  3. karl cushway (verified owner)

    If you’re hesitating about buying this brush, stop and just buy it.

    This is the biggest brush I own and is now my favourite. Its super soft and yet can create such an amazing lather without too much loading. Even thirsty soaps lather with ease with this brush.

    My only regret is not buying it earlier.

  4. philiph (verified owner)

    Two words. Buy this.
    Better than some brushes I have bought at many times the price. Excellent at whipping up a luxury lather with minimal effort. Soft, luxurious plissoft fibres make short work of either cream or soap. At this price it is a steal. Great delivery from Shave Lounge as per usual. Great vendor to deal with. They, too, deserve your custom.

  5. ldeering (verified owner)

    This brush is excellent. You don’t need to soak it before you shave, just run it under the tap, shake the excess water and away you go.
    Great lather. infact fail safe I would say, sometimes too much lather so you don’t need a lot of cream or soap. A few shaves with it and you will know how it works. Face lathering or bowl, both easily achievable beginner or expert.

    Also drys quick.

    Great value on price aswell.

    A1 service from shave lounge, always spot on with delivery as always.

  6. pas (verified owner)

    What a mistake buying this, the brush is very stiff, and it doesn’t keep it’s shape, also you waste alot of cream because the cream goes up the middle of the brush.

    I should of stuck with a badger brush, won’t be buying a synthetic brush ever again!!!!

  7. tally (verified owner)

    I got this brush a couple of weeks ago along with another brush and some other items, and it is absolutely superb.

    The Plissoft fibres/bristles are unbelievably soft, very large knot, and has the perfect amount of backbone for lathering soaps and also enough flop in the tips to cover a vast amount of your face in one stroke. I have been using this brush for bowl lathering and it does a outstanding job.

    I have used this brush with Proraso soaps and also Taylors Of Old Bond Street tub cream and it is outstanding with them both, especially with the Taylors Of Old Bond Street which lathers up amazingly quickly and lots of it.

    The brush splays relatively easy, despite it having a perfect amount of backbone, but personally I don’t see the need to do it with any shaving brush, and instead use a back and forth “paint brushing” motion.

    It holds tons of lather and still has a heap left in it after three passes, so what I usually do with the remainder of the soap is, I squeeze it out of the brush and rub it around my face, and leave it on, until I have washed out the lathering bowl and my brush (why waste leftover lather, when I can rub it into my face and get the benefit of the ingredients) and I then wash it off.

    The brush is really comfortable in the hand, and has a perfect and very comfortable to grip handle, even when wet etc. I’m so pleased I went with a synthetic brush as I can wet the brush and its ready to go straightaway (no soaking required I find) and it dries quickly and is usually dry later on in the evening when I come back home.

    With all of the good I have wrote above about the Big Bruce, the asking price is an absolute steal, at under £20, it should be in everyone’s shaving kit.

    And one last thing, a big thank you to Anthony for his outstanding service. Your customer service and your company are a role model other online retailers should emulate.

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