RazoRock Hawk SE Razor (v2) – Black

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  • Machined from 6061 billet & rod aluminium
  • Improved v2 design
  • Single edge (SE) head
  • Black anodized finish
  • Handle length: 90mm
  • Weight: 37g

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  1. philiph (verified owner)

    For me this razor is awesome and a game-changer. Incredibly light and yet very well engineered, I had this sweeping across a 3 day growth with ease. Using a Kai Captain Titan Mild blade (which is also a winner in my book) I had the quickest and most comfortable BBS I have ever had. I am an SE convert now, courtesy of this fantastic razor.

    Great delivery service from Shave Lounge as usual. They set standards in customer service other retailers dream about.

  2. nick (verified owner)

    This is my first time trying an SE Razor, I thought I’d give the Razorock Hawk a try from the positive reviews here and on YouTube. I tried it with a Captain Titan Mild blade and I have to say it’s the most comfortable and enjoyable shave I’ve ever had, seriously ! No nicks or cuts or anything and the longer blade and angle of it make it easy work especially in awkward areas such as under the nose. I’ve been using DE razors for many years now and a year ago I thought I’d upgrade to a Merkur Futur but I never really liked it, too aggressive even on low settings and I found the handle slippery and hard to use under the nose. The grip on this one is fantastic as is the rest of the design. I’m wanting to try other blades in this but I really think I’ve found the perfect combination for my skin already!

  3. adam (verified owner)

    Fantastic value and great performance. I can’t fault this razor which matches it’s far more expensive peers.

    There’s nothing not to like here, machined, (not cast) great looks and impeccable performance. Razorock have become my favourite traditional shaving supplier and offer real value and quality for money.

  4. kherux (verified owner)

    Found the shaves safe and mild but efficient with both Feather Pro and Schick Proline blades, so I don’t think I’ll bother trying ProGuards with it. Really easy to shave against the grain, under the nose, do a bit of blade buffing, etc. What a fantastic razor!

  5. Nayem

    Don’t think you can get a single edge razor which takes artist club blades at this price point. It’s also CNC machined and not just casted. Bought this a while back and it’s served me very well, was a bit tuggy for the first few shaves but once I got the angle dialled in it shaved like a dream. Some find it too aggressive but I find it to be very comfortable and efficient at the same time. The head design is very intuitive, not that hard to get a good angle and can easily cut hair under the nose. It’s also made quite well, although it is a very light razor. If you don’t like light razors you’ll probably wanna give this a pass. I prefer heavier razors but you do feel a bit more graceful with a lighter razor.

    I will also say that the price from Shave Lounge is quite good. When I first bought this razor from Italian Barber it ended up costing me around £45 when customs and delivery was all factored in. Getting this for £28 in the UK is great and I have to commend the staff at Shave Lounge for not trying to rip anyone off. Thanks.

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