RazoRock Game Changer 0.84-P Double Edge Razor

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Double edge razor made from solid stainless steel.

  • Beard type: medium to heavy growth

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  • Solid stainless steel head made in Canada
  • ‘Super Knurl’ solid stainless steel handle
  • Suitable for medium to heavy beard growth
  • Compatible with all double edge razor blades


  • Weight: 101g
  • Handle length: 90mm
  1. Sherratti (verified owner)

    I have only been using a DE razor since march this year, but I had to find a razor with a head that covers the tabs on the blade ( as I get more cuts from these than the blade itself!) .

    The Game changer certainly lives up to its name, well balanced and efficient, with exceptional build quality.

    The super knurl handle gives good grip and is the perfect length, and the narrow, thin head does not obstruct you view.

    First time shave was amazing with no cuts and a super smooth finish, what more can you ask.

    Great service from The Shave Lounge .

  2. Baron Von (verified owner)

    Don’t be deceived by the price. This is one high quality, high performance razor. An R89 on steroids. Extremely well made and finished and it doesn’t stop there as it delivers a smooth and efficient shave.

    A wonderful product and very highly recommended from my point of view.

    Great service from The Shave Lounge

  3. Theo (verified owner)

    This razor wipes the floor with any other razor I have tried: Feather ASD 2, Above the Tie S1, Blackbird closed comb, Muhle Rocca, Ikon X3. I put in a new feather blade worried that it would be too aggressive. The blade exposure is substantial and had me worried, but for no reason at all. It was perfect. Smooth, little blade feel but you can feel it cutting against the grain easily. Hardly any cuts with the first shave using a Feather blade and all problem areas around the chin dealt with swiftly and easily. Nicely made razor, less weight in the head than more expensive brands bar ASD 2 so initially feels less substantial. but who cares. So its super efficient and smooth without aggressively biting back if you get it wrong. Outstanding. Muhle Rocca at the same price point -well just above- is totally outclassed -and its a bit scratchy anyway- and this goes head to head with the big boys who should hang their heads in shame or raise their game. Hence Game Changer. Well done Razorock.

  4. Majid (verified owner)

    Such an amazing razor, the build quality is exceptional, 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel so this razor will last along time, fast dispatch & delivery, thank you couldn’t be more happier.

  5. russell r (verified owner)

    Nice Razor , Efficient but smooth at the same time , lovely narrow thin head makes it a very agile tool, nicely machined from solid materials.

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