RazoRock Game Changer 0.68-P Double Edge Razor

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Solid stainless steel DE safety razor with RazoRock’s ‘Super Knurled’ handle

  • Blade gap: 0.68mm

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  1. ponsford (verified owner)

    This a good quality razor at a fantastic price. In my opinion I think its better than my Mamba, its a more efficient shave with no blade over hang. I found the angle easily, in that respect its like the Mamba, the difference to me is you feel the blade with the Game Changer, not in a negative way though. If you want a stainless steel razor at a great price then this would be my first choice, closely followed by the Mamba.

  2. simonm (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful razor and a lot of value for the money. You simply won’t find anything near this level of quality anywhere else. Even if you pay twice the price. Its just as beautifully made as the Mamba, but a bit more aggressive, though it isn’t an aggressive razor. It is however very efficient and smooth.

    You have to be pretty exact on the angle to get a close shave, but finding the angle is easy since the shape of the head makes it hard to miss when holding it to your face. I am a big fan of the Mamba, but have to say that this is even better.

    If you are considering investing in an all stainless steel DE razor, I don’t think there is a better alternative on the market at the moment. There certainly are other great options, but at much higher prices.

  3. philiph (verified owner)

    If, like me, you’ve been following the news about the development and launch of this razor (yes, I know I need to get out more), you can believe the hype. Four days growth has just been demolished in two passes and a very minor clean-up. I used a new Astra blade.

    Get the angle of attack correct and this razor sings. I also love the way there is no blade overhang at the end of the head which means less chance of nicking your nose. Well made, as ever with RazoRock, and with a beautiful handle you can use with most mainstream razor heads.

    Great service as per normal from Shavelounge, my razor came next day.

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