RazoRock Mamba 70 Double Edge Razor

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Double edge safety razor with a solid stainless steel head paired with a 100mm solid titanium handle.

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  1. dneedham (verified owner)

    Already owning the original Mamba I was curious to see how the Mamba 70 compared; and, with the help of reviews elsewhere and helpful information from Anthony (at Shave Lounge) I took the plunge. The Mamba 70 has a slightly larger blade gap than the original at .70mm (against .53mm) – hence its name.

    Day 1. Mamba 70 on its own. First impressions were that the 70 had more ‘bite’, but at the end of a 3-pass shave I couldn’t discern a great deal of difference.

    Day 2. Pitching the two Mambas together in a head-to head it became quite noticeable, after the first pass, that the 70 was that bit more efficient in achieving a close shave. Not a great deal, but noticeable. At the end of the shave, after 3 passes, the Mamba 70 had done a slightly better job, while still retaining much of the mildness of the original Mamba. My gut feeling was that I preferred the new Mamba 70.

    Day 3. I decided to pitch the Mamba 70 against one of my favourite razors – the Feather AS-D2, which is my ‘benchmark’ for mild razors. At the end of my usual 3-pass shave, there was virtually no difference between the two in terms of ‘efficiency’, both producing a very good, close shave. The only difference was that I felt the Feather was slightly more gentle on the face.

    Conclusion: the Mamba 70 is an excellent razor: a step up from the original with that bit more efficiency while still retaining its mildness. Recommended!

    Thanks must go to Anthony for his help; and also to Shave Lounge for their usual excellent service! Thank you.

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