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Taylor of Old Bond Street Almond Shaving Cream 150g

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Almond scented soft shaving cream.

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  • Soft shaving cream
  • Almond scent
  • Parabens free
  • Made in England
  1. MRobinson (verified owner)

    What a cream! This is nothing like the sopas I’ve used before. It needs hardly any blooming (soaking) or face latehring before it’s spilling all over the sink and my chest from dripping off my face!

    It’s incredibly sweet and scentful. It takes very little to work enough into a three pass shave, and as I’ve noticed the soap redcues in the bowl very quickly!

    I can’t get over how slick this cream is! After each pass I’m washing my face off and my skin is still so slick and slippery. This is the easiest soap/cream I’ve ever used. Definitely highly recommened.

    Not for everyday use, as I find after the first use, the puck diminshes more that I would expect. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, because you get such a great shave from it. If you rotate with multiple soaps, there’s no reason whatsoever that you shouldn’t give this cream a good old fashioned try.

  2. Jack B.

    Strong upfront smell of sweet Marzipan rather than a mellow natural almond. Easy and quick lathering so no problems there, very pleased in that area. Good value at under a tenner for 150g. Not gentle/sensitive though, especially when compared to Prorasos offerings (check the constituents of TOBS almond and you’ll see why).

  3. Julian P.

    This is a good product, and was a repeat purchase.

  4. Matthew G.

    Does the job. Lathers very easily and gives a slick shave. My only reservation is about the smell; I was hoping for “Mediterranean almond grove” and it practice it’s more “slice of Battenburg at your aunty’s”

  5. Phil C.

    Having used this for a few months, it is now my favourite shaving cream, providing quick, creamy and slick lather every time. I love the smooth shaves I get with this cream. Lathers very quickly, especially using an Omega 49 and a bowl. A little goes a long, long way. I have even come to like the smell!

  6. Munsoor

    Unscrew the lid and straight off the bat there’s an almost overwhelmingly strong smell. To my displeasure it smelled like Battenburg which i normally loathe the smell of. Saddened I decided to try and whip up a lather nonetheless. Thankfully that overwhelming smell dissipates as the lather develops and you are left with a subtly sweet almond aroma! I grew to like the smell and the lubrication provided by the cream was smooth and slick as one would expect with Taylor of Old Bond Street. Give this one a try, it certainly has a luxurious feel.

  7. Phil C.

    Like all TOBS shaving creams, this gives a good, smooth shave. The scent is an acquired taste, but there is no denying this leaves you with a smooth and moist shave. Certainly one for my rotation.

  8. Andy T

    I’ve been shaving with this cream now for 3 or 4 years (I’m on to my 3rd tub). I love the almond scent and it hits you as soon as you open the lid. You can get a good smooth lather generated if you use a decent brush and bowl and there will be enough to get 2 or 3 passes from the amount you’ve whipped up. For me, I find that this is better than Proraso but not as good as Simpsons luxury shaving cream. However it’s about half the price of the Simpsons and you get more in the tub so that’s why I’ll keep buying it. My father in law loves the Sandalwood version but I find the scent is too strong and dare I say it… old fashioned?

  9. DoubleEdgeWizard

    Amazing scent, loads of product, lasts months! Fantastic service too!

  10. Garry Mitchell

    This has a lovely scent of almond which dissipates quickly after shaving – leaving a blank canvas for the post-shave products. It also lathers well for a small amount of cream – overall an enjoyable shaving experience. I’ve since visited the shop in Jermyn St and picked up some Eton Collection following a detailed sniff test!

  11. rdwe1

    Superb as always. My “go to” shaving cream. Paid more for the likes of Jagger and they are no better.

  12. Jay

    Wonderful stuff. I have used it before but the price including postage was unbeatable! Really nice Almond smell to this shaving cream, good quality and lasts a good time.

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