The Legends London Alum Matchsticks

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  • 20 alum matchsticks
  • Apply direct to nicks or cuts
  • Antibacterial and disposable

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  1. Martin G.

    Looking in the mirror, you are saying to yourself, ‘what a perfect shave’, you then hear, ‘hurry up we will be late’ and nick your nose, ear or lip! This is when you need the indispensable alum matchstick; wet it and dab it on – job done. Never travel without them

  2. Nicholas P.

    Have used other makes of matches but have found Legends to be better by far.

  3. James Bennet

    These are great. Work well, and sanitary. Much better than the sticks.

  4. William S.

    Seal up even large cuts very well and can use a single match on multiple cutsr

  5. Ian R.

    Really easy to use, I find them better to use than the traditional stick.

  6. Adam W.

    Great inclusion as a free gift, great at closing up nicks

  7. Mark H.

    Perfect solution to the stick which I find breaks after a few uses. Handy packaging, really good idea, I’m converted…

  8. mick j.


  9. Nigel L.

    These things are superb. Forget your A/blocks, these could possible stem a gnshot would but not tested on same! Must have if your in a rush. Recommend

  10. The S.

    Got these free with a razor purchase and I used the first one today. Brilliant! Much nicer to use than a traditional styptic pencil. I’m converted.

  11. Matthew B.

    Not needed to use these yet (thankfully) but they seem well made and up for the job should I cut myself, seem a lot easier to use than a “normal” styptic pen due to the small size.

  12. Tom L.

    exactly as expected

  13. Smudger

    A great way to apply just enough Alum to close the cut. Easy to keep in travel wash bag and a bargain price.

  14. Nick

    It’s great stuff. Works perfectly every time I nick myself. Great for travelling.

  15. rb

    If you nick yourself whilst shaving, dabbing the nick with the tip of the Alum Stick dipped in cold water stops the blood flow. A great little product.

  16. MG

    I bought a few of these as a stocking filler for Christmas so they haven’t been used yet. However, they’re nicely packaged and arrived only 2 days after I ordered them!

  17. CraigT

    Excellent product – though I had my doubts about them as they were reasonably priced with free delivery. I’d been looking for something similar, my dad used to have lipstick style stick to heal his cuts. But these work great, gives a tiny sting when applied and really does close up the nick and stop the bleeding, one match is good for a few nicks. I bought a bundle of these and intend giving some out at Christmas, as stocking fillers for the men in the family.

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