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Experience the epitome of refined grooming with D R Harris’s exquisite range of products. Established in 1790, D R Harris traces its origins back to St James’s street , London, where it first began as an apothecary and perfumer. They have held a Royal Warrant as Chemists to the Royal Family since 1938, taking immense pride in its British heritage, the brand’s longevity is a testament to its unwavering commitment to traditional craftsmanship, which is exemplified in every product bearing the D R Harris name.

Indulge in the art of traditional wet shaving with D R Harris’s shaving essentials. With the luxurious shampoos and conditioners, shaving creams, lotions and bath soaps to the finely-crafted razors and brushes, each product is meticulously formulated and crafted to deliver an exceptional shaving experience. Immerse yourself in the rich lather, infused with sophisticated fragrances that captures the essence of refinement, allowing you to express your individuality with timeless elegance.

The D R Harris website offers a vast selection of meticulously crafted grooming products, catering to every gentleman’s needs. From their luxurious shaving essentials, including creams, soaps, razors, and brushes, to their comprehensive skincare range featuring face washes, and moisturizers. Specialties you can find on the website are many selections of deodorant, shower gels and shaving soaps.

One of our bestselling products featured on our website is the D R Harris Almond Oil. This luxurious elixir is a 100% pure, odourless almond formula, catering to a multitude of grooming needs.

With each product exuding British luxury and attention to detail, further information about other products is listed below.

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