Double Edge Razor Blade Sample Pack 1

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A selection of our best selling DE (double edge) safety razor blades in one convenient pack. Ideal if you’re just starting out with a DE safety razor.

  • Pack size: 25 blades

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The sample pack contains the following blades:

  • Gillette 7 o’Clock Sharp Edge (5 blades)
  • Gillette 7 o’Clock Super Stainless (5 blades)
  • Shark Super Stainless (5 blades)
  • Perma-Sharp (5 blades)
  • Astra Super Platinum (5 blades)
  1. Timothy S.

    Good range of different blades to get an idea of what suits you best

  2. Gavin K.

    Great value pack of blades for a really competitive price. An ideal way to hone your choice of which blade suits you for different days of stubble growth. Very pleased, and super fast delivery too !!

  3. Terry F.

    Having used Derby blades for a few years I thought I’d give other brands a try as I found my old type were a bit hit and miss. So far I’ve used the Shark Blades have noticed a difference in both shave and comfort. I hope to find my best fit by the end of this sample pack but it’s an ideal chance to try others at a really good price. Excellent service from the Shave Lounge as well.

  4. Bryan S.

    A nice sample pack to get you started,if you are like me,new to DE razor shaving i think this pack of
    blades is ideal
    also excellent service from the shave lounge. .
    thank you

  5. Richard S.

    Very impressive range of shaving gear at competitive prices. Nice choice of razor blades. Good idea to have sample packs to try different blades. Recommended.

  6. Salim A.

    Good selection of blades to try out. I’ve only used Feathers prior to this so will be interesting to see if any of these betters them.

  7. Daniele M.

    My first DE Razor, there’s no going back!

  8. Tom W.

    Bought as a gift. Delivery service was excellent.

  9. Alaster G.

    A well made product let down by the handle being too short so fiddly to use.

  10. nigel b.

    Very pleased. Many thanks

  11. Mick E.

    A good selection of razors at a very good price. Delivery was a bit slow but other than that, all good.

  12. Paulk

    Fantastic. Great selection of blades

  13. Brian R.

    Working my way through this. So great to be able to try out all these blades.

  14. Tom E.

    Good value and helps deciding on the right blade for ma face

  15. Toby R.

    Everything arrived quickly and well packaged. I would recommend this pack, it is definitely a good starter pack for anyone wanting to get into DE shaving.

  16. Mark R.

    As a new to double edge razor guy sample blade packs are ideal for me to find out what blade suits me best.
    This blade pack has a nice selection and i am working my way through them.
    Goid selection of blades and very fast delivery from shave lounge.

  17. Lb1

    Really good selection of blades for someone new like myself. Nice broad range but without anything at either end of the spectrum (Derby/feather for example) to potentially disappoint. The gillette sharp edge are probably the sharpest out of the bunch but it’s not always about being sharp. I Like the sharks a lot but found the Astra’s my least favourite which a lot of people rate. Great way to try out blades suitable for YOU not what others like.

    1st class service from Shave Lounge brings me back to repeat purchases time and time again.

  18. Paul

    Very reasonably priced sample pack, seemed better value than equivalents on Amazon or Ebay, with a good selection of blades. Plus free shipping, helpful customer service and fast dispatch.

  19. Chad

    This is a fantastic assortment of blades. You have 5 blades of each of the brands, so enough to get a good impression of each before committing to any particular blade.

    Personally, when testing blades, I think two blades used 3-4 times each is usually enough to judge. Though you need to repeat this if you have more than one razor in which to test them. In this case, the full 5 blade sample is used, 2 in one razor and 3 in the next.

    For what it’s worth: if this is your first blade purchase, first DE shave, then the recommendation on various shaving sites is to begin with the Astra SP and use the whole lot, to get your technique right before sampling the rest of the brands. The Astra are known for their close, reliable and forgiving shaves and are the choice of the novice and expert alike.

    For what it’s worth: and it’s probably worth nothing, as blades are such a personal and subjective thing, influenced radically by razor used, beard type and skin type, my favourites are the Shark Super Stainless which deliver close yet comfortable shaves every time, closely followed by the Astra SP and the Permasharp, for me again, are hell on Earth, though your mileage may vary.

    Enjoy the sample pack. It’s the best value you will find on the web and after you’ve worked through it you’ll have a good idea of what you like and you might even want to commit to a particular brand.

  20. Lee

    Good selection of well known and well thought of blades. Like a bee flitting from flower to flower slip one in your razor of choice, give it run and move onto the next one.

    My personal preference is for the Astra’s and green Gillette’s (using DE89), by quite some way actually. Found them wonderfully smooth & sharp for me. That said I’m sure each brand has their following.

    Oh, and it’s a given that the service by Shave Lounge was first class!

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