Menthol Safety Razor Shaving Starter Kit

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  • Muhle R89 double edge razor
  • Synthetic Fibre Shaving Brush
  • Proraso Menthol Shaving Soap
  • Razor Blade Sample Pack (25 blades)
  • Alum Matchsticks

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  1. Matthew G.

    I have just switched from years of Gillette Mach 3 use to this kit.

    I am getting an unprecedented close shave from this kit. The blades that come with it last about two weeks each which means with the 25 blades that come with this it is outstanding value for money. I will be using this from this day forth. I can’t recommend more. Make the switch.

  2. Adam J.

    This short review comes from the perspective of someone who is a first time safety razor user. Like most people I have used various cartridge razors over the years. Im in my 30’s so have done this for nearly 15 years. Not sure what got me to try the ‘old’ method, but I found my way to Shave Lounge and was confronted by a plethora of different products…tooooo much choice! Having decided I was going to give the old method a go I thought a kit would be a good starting place. Delivery was really quick, packaged nicely, the excitement set in! No i was pretty nervous about trying a new razor, however the anxiety about slicing parts of may face off and ending up with the razor burn from hell were completely unfounded. I now possess the smoothest face in the South of England (possibly)! The Edwin Jagger DE89 is a thing of beauty, immaculate finish and really easy to use. I chose the Gillette 7 o’clock super stainless blade first, for no other reason than it was at the top of the pack. Super smooth and sharp. The Proraso menthol cream lathered up easily and had a really fresh scent. Like some of the reviews elsewhere say it does dry out a bit, this could be down to user error, I will preserve. Omega brush is well finished, easy to use and looks great.
    The only disappointment for me is that I didn’t find this all out 10 years ago! I have no idea why cartridge razors have caught on in such a huge way. Even the newest Gillette fusion pro glide super vibrating sonic stealth blade (or what ever variant is the top now) could not produce the smooth face that I now possess. Buy this kit if you are a first time user, or curious, you will not be disappointed! Buy it. Shave properly. Have smooth face. (Your gramp will be proud of you)

  3. Christopher R.

    Excellent quality product and an extremely good price. Best on the Internet. Love the razor and the lit will probably enable me to shave for over a year as I’m a once or maybe twice a week if I’m lucky man.
    Well worth the buy.

  4. Chris P.

    My first time wet shaving. This is a top product at an unbelievable price, people use razors, but true gentlemen wet shave, what a unique experience!! My skin is much improved with these products

  5. Charles P.

    Excellent starter kit. Fully recommend for those starting out with their first DE Razor

  6. Timothy A.

    Great starter kit, big difference from shaving with a Gillette razor, very impressed, lovely finish on the razor

  7. garreth h.

    This is the first time I have shaved with a DE Razor and once over my unfounded fear that I would slice off half my face I found the whole
    experience a pleasure. I am sure I held the razor wrong, I know I mixed the soap wrong but I didn’t cut myself and still had one of the best shaves I have ever had.
    Thank you. Shave Lounge

  8. Tori C.

    Bought as starter kit for a completely novice 15 year old shaver. Wanted to start him off with good quality products. Really pleased with the kit. Everything he needs is there and a few weeks in no nicks or rashes just beautifully smooth skin.

  9. Jamie B.

    Back to the future.

  10. Aaron S.

    Excellent introduction to safety razor shaving, won’t be using a multi blade cartridge again ever.Shaving is now a pleasurable experience not a chore

  11. Andrew M.

    Completely new to the world of a proper DE shave. This came with everything I needed – the razor is great, the Derby blades have been fine to start off with. The brush works a treat, the soap lathers nicely and smells fine. The alum matches perished in my steamy shower room – they’ve been the only thing I’ve not managed to use!

    Overall, at this price, an absolute steal, and just what I’ve been needing – actually enjoying shaving!

  12. Glenn S.

    Very good product. Good value and swift service

  13. Ian L.

    Quick delivery. Well pacakged. Easy to use.


    Fantastic starter kit everything included for a 1st class shave

  15. Leigh A.

    I started shaving in the late 1970’s using a Gillette DE razor of some kind, but got seduced by the hype of cartridge based razors,

    For a good few months now I have been suffering severe razor burn and rash from the Mach 3 cartridges I was using, so having spoken to my barber who I always get a straight razor shave from when I get my hair cut, suggested I try a DE razor,

    SO after doing some research I came upon this kit, and bought it.

    on the whole it is a great kit, the menthol soap is not too overpowering the brush does what its supposed to,

    as for the blades, the first I tried were the derby’s. still seemed to have the same problem with burn, so next time I tried the shark, much much better, have yet to try the other blades,

    Minor niggles, the handle on the razor is a little to short for me, so next time I order will be ordering a longer handle,

    There was also a problem with delivery, despite being guaranteed before 1pm delivery the post office managed to misroute my package, and then attempted delivery the next day, when I was out and ignored my note on the door to leave with neighbour,

    This was quickly rectified by customer services who refunded my carriage charges.

    All in all a good starter kit, would be a little better if it also included an alum block or pencil instead of the match book ones, even if the price was slightly higher

  16. Ashley P.

    Really good starter kit, everything you need to get going and take the plunge. I enjoyed the selection of razors and now can appreciate the difference between blades and probably would never of realised if not bought the starter kit. Quick delivery too, good stuff

  17. Gerry M.

    Bought as a Christmas present for a family member and he’s absolutely delighted! ☺

  18. JACKIE H.

    Bought this for x mas present for son in law. He loves it.

  19. Arafaan A.

    This was one of the Best buys i have ever done so worth every penny would recommend and will be buying all my shaving kits from here.

  20. Josh F.

    Nice set of products at a good price from Shave Lounge. Would buy from them again.

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