Omega 10048 Boar Hair Shaving Brush

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Large boar hair shaving brush with a chromed plastic handle.

  • Brush height: 133mm

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  1. simon m.

    I’m impressed. So nice to use and oh so very soft.

  2. Glyn A.

    Great product from a great company,

  3. Brash D.

    Decent enough for the money. The handle us a bit light but the bristles are long and firm. Does the job. Pretty good value.

  4. Matt

    Bloody hell though, this brush is a beast, it’s huge and just eats through soap. I couldn’t use it to face lather due to the size but it bowel lathers just fine. It holds a lot of soap though so don’t load it to the max unless you fancy about 10 passes. Be aware if you’re starting it does have that boar brush smell but after conditioning and a bit of use the smell will go. Mines starting to break in now and it performs fantastically.

  5. william i.

    Excellent Boar brush… Now this brush is BIG. Five inches tall in total. two and a half inches of handle.. two and a half inches tall bristles….And soft, Beautifully soft straight from the box, soft as a kiss, no scratching, nothing at all uncomfortable. Softer than my Finest old Badger or a synthetic Omega, far softer than a very well used scratchy old boar that I’ve used for years…
    Being a natural fibre there is bound to be some variation in bristle, but my particular brush is superb, the boar hair of finest quality…Also being a natural fibre, it is a trifle aromatic shall we say… a mixture of camphor to stop the moths camping during storage and a natural animal bristle smell, Not overly unpleasant, and I know from experience that this Aroma will soon disappear with use…
    What more can I say. No negatives, just a GREAT BRUSH from an equally GREAT SELLER.

  6. John B.

    Fantastic value brush. Holds more than enough for 3 pass shave. As with all natural brushes, it smells initially but this wears off after a week or so. 5 stars


    Cheapest option for military service

  8. Adrian

    Brush is good. A bit smelly at first, but a couple of sessions shampooing it has helped. It looks as though it should last a long time.

  9. Daniel O.

    Excellent shaving brush for use on self or when shaving someone very exfoliating

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