5 x Gillette Perma-Sharp Double Edge Razor Blades

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    • Suitable for double edge razors
    • PTFE coated
    • Made in Russia
    • Cardboard packaging
    • 5 blades
    1. dan (verified owner)

      Not bad but many passes needed for bbs,
      Feathers too aggressive
      Astra superb
      Polsilver right in the middle of them both, amazing blade

    2. Paul.p

      New to DE shaving, starter pack, etc. Merkur 34c razor, blade selection. This is the 4th blade I’ve ever used now. Free merkur blade, astra, feather and now this one. Atm the feather is the benchmark for me but this blade runs it very close and is well worth a try, if a little expensive. Used today as I was waiting for my delivery of a new semogue 830 boar hair brush (fantastic) and Mitchells wool fat soap(again fantastic) had a very good shave, with the grain, against the grain and got a very smooth shave helped with the brilliant wool fat soap, which really lubricates the skin and blade making for a very smooth and close shave with a little razor burn afterwards, which I didn’t get from the feather blade,( which is cheaper) but a very good blade from an excellent selection pack. Definately worth a try!!

    3. Alex

      I have an extremely thick tough black beard. These blades are terrific. They are sharp and super smooth. I swap every 8 shaves.

    4. Laurence D.

      give a really smooth, close shave.. they work wonders for me, but as with all blades, you don’t know until you try ’em…

    5. Robert W.

      Gave me a close shave but drags on my skin so not so comfortable.

    6. David B.

      Good product. Very happy

    7. Bally S.

      Great blade, sharp and smooth! now in my rotation and will be bulk ordering. Highly reccommended!

    8. Anthony J.

      Kinder to my sensitive than a lot blades I have used. Many thanks.

    9. George G.

      I bought these blades and was fairly confident they were good hearing the high praise from others who’ve used them. I wasn’t disappointed. these blades are excellent, will give a very close shave in just two passes. I can easily see myself getting 8 or more shaves per blade, couldn’t recommend enough!!

    10. Dalal J.

      Prema- sharp blades have in the recent past, received too many praise from most famous people in the wet shaving community worldwide for its best expression, thus I thought getting me these shaving blades, and I do not regret at, the leaves really soft shaven face . many thanks for SHAVE LOUNGE .co.uk to provide it to their customers and not least for quickly and fee free delivery.

    11. Chris S.

      The best i’ve tried. Truly excellent sharpness and smoothness.

    12. Peter N.

      Arrived quickly and well packed and work a treat.

    13. Steven G.

      My go-to blade. Sharp, smooth and my current favourite.

    14. Steven G.

      Worth a look – sharp and smooth. Not quite as good as a permasharp.

    15. Stephen P.

      Great blade that gives me a solid shave going WTG-XTG-XTG. Even though my skin is too sensitive for ATG passes, this blade cause me no irritation going WTG or XTG. My go-to razor blade.

    16. Lee

      A couple of shaves with one blade, so not definitive, but a solid performer from my experience.

      The end results weren’t as closest as some of my shaves, but it left my face smooth, with no nicks or irritation after either use.

    17. NewReview

      Bought these to try, on a recommendation (from a professional shaver), in place of my Derby blades. In my view they are better – sharper and somehow kinder (but maybe that is just because they are sharper!) I shall be switching to these.

    18. Skinny Checker

      I was a little wary of using these at first but what a blade and very forgiving for me being a relative newbie to wet shaving. Seems to work better in my old Gillette than my Merkur Futur but all in all they are a firm fave of mine. I know results of blades can vary between types of growth, razor etc but overall these offer excellent results and great value for money.

    19. Dave

      I was pleasantly surprised the first time I used theses blades (Merkur 34C), they offer a very close shave despite the fact I didn’t go against the grain. I’d say they were ideal for people with sensitive skin who don’t go against the grain. Even in subsequent shaves I haven’t bothered doing that final pass because there doesn’t seem any point. Very good blades indeed.

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