Rockwell Razors 6S Double Edge Razor

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    Solid stainless steel double edge razor supplied with 3 flippable base plates.

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    Solid stainless steel double edge safety razor made in the USA by Rockwell Razors. Supplied with 3 flippable base plates (giving 6 adjustment settings in total) to allow the user to achieve a smooth and close shave regardless of their beard or skin type.

    Supplied with 5 Rockwell Razors double egde razor blades.

    Razor weight: 119g, handle length: 89mm

    1. andrew (verified owner)

      I had my first shave this morning with the 6S. I used the R3 baseplate with a Viking Sword blade with 2 shaves on it. Wow, this razor is incredible – I could barely feel the blade, got an easy BBS in 2 passes and not a trace of irritation at all. My only fear is that shaving might get a bit monotonous again if it’s always this easy. R4 tomorrow.

    2. Jakob

      I absolutely love this razor. I use mine for head shaves only, and it simply does an amazing job. I especially like the R6 plate. Very good job, Rockwell!

    3. Mike

      At first it seemed a lot to pay for a DE razor, but having tried it a few times now I would say it was money well spent, most definitely! Always gives a first class, smooth shave and plenty of choice with the three base plates giving six variations from mild at the no.1 setting, up to the most efficient no.6 setting. This is the only razor you should ever need, from a raw beginner to an old timer. Very well designed and engineered and made with good solid stainless steel, you could say it would last a lifetime, but I would say treated with care, it should last generations. So far from being expensive as I at first thought, it is an absolute steal. “You only get what you pay for.” Highly recommend as are Shave Lounge.

    4. George

      This is a very efficient and smooth razor, both for beginners and more advanced shavers. It also seems to work well with a variety of blades, from cheaper ones like Bic Chrome Platinum to sharper and more expensive ones like Feather. It feels and looks more like a tool and not like a jewel like other SS razors who sell at double+ the price. The base plates are numbered #1/3, #2/4, and #5/6. I would have liked a #3/4 plate. #1 is very mild, and #6 is not extremely aggressive, so the 6s will probably not substitute razors like Slants or other very aggressive DEs. The complete head and handle weights 120gr and it feels great at hand. The handle is 85mm long. Top service from Shave Lounge, as always.

    5. David E.

      Absolutely love this razor. All others have now been relegated to the under sink cupboard!

    6. Egor S.

      Very nice razor. Made like tank. Shaving smooth and clean. If you have this razor, you don’t others.This will do anything for you.

    7. Aleksey G.

      Великолепная бритва. Мягко бреет даже на 6 плите. С этим станком хорошо работают практически все лезвия.

    8. Maksim B.

      Everything is simply healthy!!! Excellent razor, bystry delivery, super sellers! Thanks guys!

    9. Daniël L.

      The Rockwell doesn’t look like a shiny instrument but let his rugged appearance not deceive you. It’s the best, the mildest, the easiest shave I’ve ever had
      I’ve had my share of razors, contemporary and vintage but the Rockwell beats them all. It’s the best.

    10. Ciprian G.

      Fast delivery, would gladly buy again.

      The razor, havy built, great finish, the handle has proper grip and there’s a choice for any beard.
      1 and 2 are a bit to mild for me, 3,4 and 5 are great.
      I have the Feather AS D2 and the rockwell is my daily shaver now.


    11. 3ergushonok

      Perfect razor. The best I try

    12. Martin G.

      You can get into the law of diminishing returns, however, this was a surprisingly big step up, in terms of shaving experience, from my Mercury 34C. This really well engineered razor with three reversible heads, gives 6 options, from swarthy down to number 1 (baby bottom smooth). From day one I have obtained consistently great shaves, with no skin irritation; angle the head and those darn hairs between the upper lip and nose just vanish. This makes the daily scrape an absolute pleasure. Many thanks to Anthony, from Shave Lounge, for the recommendation.

    13. Dmitry P.

      What a nice machine. All parts are made of very high quality. The great advantage of the Rockwell 6S – is that it works fine with almost all of the blade. Universal machine for all occasions. Would highly recommend the Rockwell 6S.

    14. Dmitriy D.

      Excellent razor. Thanks.

    15. Ildar Y.

      This is my first t-machine experiment yet, but already like.

    16. Sergey T.

      Good machine.

    17. Eduard.

      Today I received this miracle! This is a breakthrough in space, including the t – razors. Shave smooth and comfortable. I recommend to everyone!

    18. Andrey Z.

      Greate razor!

    19. Pavel K.

      I shaved different machines,Rockwell now use as the primary. I think this machine the best value for money and quality of manufacture, but the shaving properties of the machine – is unique. Gareth managed to pick up the perfect balance of comfort and effectiveness of shaving. The store also put five stars for high quality work!!!

    20. Pavel Y.

      Razor good

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