Simpsons ‘Chubby 2’ Synthetic Fibre Shaving Brush

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Synthetic fibre shaving brush with a solid resin ‘Chubby’ handle. Part of Simpsons’ iconic ‘Chubby’ range.

  • Brush height: 97mm

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  • Filled with soft synthetic fibres
  • Resin handle
  • Handmade in Great Britain
  • Height: 97mm
  • Knot: 27mm x 52mm
  • Weight: 80g
  1. dajneedham (verified owner)

    I was prepared to give this brush a 4-star rating – until I discovered how to use it properly & get the best out of it. Having acquired that knowledge, this is a truly great brush, and gives [me] a shave as good as any badger/boar brush I own (and there are many!). Soft on the skin, good backbone, and holds enough lather for a good 3 passes. Like its badger sibling it can be a bit of a soap hog but a gentle squeeze of the loft will bring the lather to the surface. Easy to rinse out & quick-drying, tit makes for a decent travelling companion.

    If I had any small gripe it would be that the handle diameter is a tad on the large side for me – but that’s a personal thing.

    This brush makes a compelling argument for synthetics!

  2. goran (verified owner)

    Simpson quality, very very soft tips, fast drying, heavy and quality made handle..Everything you need in a shaving brush…

    Awesome looking on shelf, premium looks & design, especially good for creams in my opinion..

    It is hard to splay it, it is ideal for creme + paint motion lathering…

  3. tally (verified owner)

    I got this brush a couple of weeks ago along with another brush and it is absolutely superb and is by far and away the best brush I have ever used.

    Unbelievably soft, very dense knot of bristles, and has the perfect amount of backbone for lathering soaps. I have been using this brush for bowl lathering and it does a outstanding job.

    I have used this brush with Proraso soaps and also Taylors Of Old Bond Street tub cream and it is outstanding with them both.

    The brush does not splay easily, but personally I don’t see the need to do it with any shaving brush. You can get it to splay if you really want to, although its not as easy as other brushes. Word of warning though, that Simpson DO NOT recommend you splay the brush, and instead use a back and forth “paint brushing” motion (which is the method I use with all my shaving brushes).

    It holds tons of lather and still has a heap left in it after three passes, so what I usually do with the remainder of the soap is, I squeeze it out of the brush and rub it around my face, and leave it on, until I have washed out the lathering bowl and my brush (why waste leftover lather, when I can rub it into my face and get the benefit of the ingredients) and I then wash it off.

    The brush is really comfortable in the hand, and is perfect and comfortable to grip, even when wet etc. I’m so pleased I went with the synthetic version as I can wet the brush and its ready to go straightaway (no soaking required I find) and it dries quickly, albeit not as quickly as the Razorock Big Bruce. But I think the reason is, Simpson have managed to pack an insane amount of bristles into the knot. But in a warm bathroom, the brush would be dry by late on in the day. Although I haven’t owned a badger brush, I do not like the sound of having to soak them, longer drying times and also a lot more cost.

    And lastly, the brush looks stunning on the shelf. I promised myself a Simpson brush when I first started DE shaving and I’m so pleased I got one.

    Although this brush is probably one of the most expensive synthetic brushes, it is really well made and I would expect to get many years of happy shaving with it, and for that, I feel its worth its asking price.

    And one last thing, a big thank you to Anthony for his outstanding service. And your customer service and company are a role model other online retailers should emulate.

  4. James

    The finest brush I have ever used, much prefer it to my old Thater badger brush. Super soft tips, lots of backbone for hard soaps and face lathering, holds a ton of lather, doesnt use much product… Possibly the ultimate shaving brush.

  5. Steven H.

    Awesome brush and service as usual customer service is second to none can’t praise them enough

  6. Albert G.

    It’s just awesomeness monster for my face.

  7. George

    My favorite synthetic brush. Great handle for face lathering, good backbone, soft tips. Top service by Shavelounge, as always

  8. Peter

    Super soft with a dense knot & great backbone, making it ideal for shaving soap and face lathering.

  9. Sergey G.

    Just got my synthetic Chubby. Excellent brush, very comfortable for facelathering and very effective for bowl. The Great performer at a fair price – highly recommended.
    Fast international shipping, quick and friendly communication and excellent service from the Shave Lounge too. A lot of thanks!

  10. Pascal F.

    given the horror pictures and videos I have seen from China on the badger’s fur harvesting, the one and only acceptable solution is a synthetic brush.
    Everybody’s free to agree or not, I can’t accept the situation anymore. I do feel the synthetic Chubby not being inferior in any way compared to the best badger (did not have to opportunity to test the Super Badger). The prospective buyer should accept to adapt and change his habit as the water retention is absolutely different. Same brush but different way to use, as good as the real badger imho but made in the respect of animals.

  11. Mark H.

    A very good brush, and in my personal top 2 among all my brushes.

  12. Mario C.

    Questo pennello è veramente straordinario, un’opera arte.
    Esteticamente è molto bello, ben fatto, proporzionato nelle dimensioni.
    Dal punto di vista funzionale, il ciuffo è esageratamente folto, il nodo generosissimo e le setole molto morbide.
    Assolutamente eccezionale.

  13. Blake W.

    Amazing brush. Absolutely beautiful & soft as chinchilla fur. Best price I could find in Britain & delivered so quickly I couldn’t believe it with the added bonus of shaving product samples – a very nice touch. Very happy with everything about this purchase and highly recommend. Thank you very much indeed!

  14. russell e.

    Simply stunning. If you are unsure about synthetic brushes, and their performance but want to avoid the ethical dilemma of a badger brush (not to mention the cost) then take it from me, this brush performs as well as any natural hair brush I have ever used…period.

  15. Jean-Jacques M.

    A very soft shaving brush and dense clump. Guaranteed massaging and generation of foam effect. Many spring, we must learn to tame the beast !!!

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