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Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl 100g

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Solid shaving soap scented with sandalwood and presented in a wood bowl.

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Solid sandalwood shaving soap presented in a handcrafted wood bowl.

  • Sandalwood scented shaving soap
  • Wooden bowl
  • Made in England
  1. Gary T.

    Fantastic soap, creamy lather and a wonderful scent. The stylish bowl is the perfect addition to your kit too.

  2. Norman

    I asked for this along with a silvertip brush ( my wife is buying my brush for my birthday) The bowl is brilliant the soap smells lovely this will go with my prorsao most off all I wish to public thank anthony for his help with my orders and speed of dispatch, and his birthday wishes to me so thanks Anthony and all of shave lounge I feel humbled by all your customer help). I have tried other shaving co but you top them all thanks

  3. Margaret M.

    What a lovely product. Nice enough to display in the bathroom instead of hiding it in the cupboard! Bought as a gift for my husband, and he was delighted to receive it. Order arrived quickly. As mentioned, this was a gift and my only issue is that the packaging was labelled “Shave Lounge” on the outside. Luckily I picked up the package before my husband got to it! Would recommend the product.

  4. Chris D.

    Lovely product, works really well and smells lovely. The wooden shave bowl is also a quality item and as always great service from Shave Lounge. Highly recommended.

  5. Mr C.

    Great product; lovely ‘old school’ fragrance and quality wooden bowl. Pair with a badger hair shaving brush and safety razor for a luxurious -and indisputably manly – experience.

  6. frank H.

    Like the quality of the bowl and the soap. Makes a quality lather. Packaging from Shave Lounge is second to none!

  7. Guido D.

    Great product

  8. Doug P.

    Nice wooden box with very nice soap. Delivered earlier than expected too. Thanks

  9. Louis G.

    Great shaving soap. Love the scent, the wooden bowl looks nice. I’m new to wet shaving and it’s really easy to get a good lather with this soap. I def recommend it ! And thanks to Shavelounge for their amazing service and tips through the chat !

  10. sara d.

    Great product, will definatley recommend 🙂

  11. Des

    A trip down memory lane, once the packaging is opened, the aroma off the soap spills out, and even before I get to the lovely thick lather created by my brush, I’m siting in a barbers chair thirty years ago waiting for my hot towel, mmmm! all from the aroma of Sandal Wood. product 5 Star memories priceless.

  12. karla h.

    This is the best shaving soap I have ever used it lathers into a smooth slick soap and the smell lasts all day. Skin feels refreshed and supple after use. Buy this product as you can buy the refills for under £8. Cost affective and gives a super shave.

  13. Gareth T.

    Great product that both feels good and looks good.

  14. Paul M.

    Excellent product and super quick delivery

  15. Peter G.

    Excellent shaving soap and very stylish bowl

  16. Andrew M.

    A very manly, long lasting fragrance plus the freshness that youjjust don’t get from a can. A sound purchase, and one that I’m likely to make again.

  17. Fabio P.

    Vero good !!!

  18. Kasia B.

    Nice smell, very good wooden bowl. Admirable item

  19. Kevin W.

    I thought I would change my shaving regimen and try the brush and soap method . Taylor’s soap is so creamy and soft and lathers very sparingly . The smell of the sandalwood soap is delightful and reminds me of when I used to watch my father shaving many moons ago and inhaling this fragrant aroma . I will definitely be ordering a refill or two in the future.

  20. Ravi

    I am a newbie to wet shaving and so can’t really comment on this in comparison to other shaving soaps but I will say that I am impressed with the scent and its ease of lathering. The bowl is very smart and looks very “country gent” on the bathroom shelf. Also it looks like its going to last ages…….

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