Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream Bowl

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    • Specially formulated for sensitive skin
    • No added fragrance
    • Added Lavender essential oil
    • 190g

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    1. Phil H (verified owner)

      Great cream, a comfortable shave is guaranteed with this one. Subtle “soapy” fragrance with great latherability and slickness. A quality product you can trust. Leaves your skin feeling comfortable, not dry or irritated. Well worth the outlay. If anybody ever asked me to recommend just one shaving cream/soap, it’d be this one.

    2. David E.

      Before purchasing this cream, I ordered a range of samples from Truefitt & Hill. Working my way through to other creams I found I was getting fairly good shaves but nothing to write home about. The Ultimate Comfort was the last one I tried and it absolutely blew me away! It has a pleasant Lavender scent (although it is marketed as unscented) which produces masses of quality lather with exceptional cushion, moisture and slickness. Of the half dozen or so soaps/ creams that I have purchased since starting DE shaving (about 8 months) this is definitely my No.1!

    3. Tim G.

      Ultimate comfort lathers better than any other shaving cream ive tried and is slicker and denser. But I mainly buy it as it doesn’t irritate my skin or dry it out. For those with sensitive skin I’d highly recommend it.

    4. James N.

      Produces a good lather and has a good amount of glide & cushion. However, although the product states ‘unscented’, I was aware of some slight irritation to the skin – which I have experienced with other T&H creams, (but not all, by any means; Trafalgar and 1805 are amongst my favourites). The end result is it gives a pretty decent shave, but not necessarily the best.
      Would I buy it again? Sadly, no.

      Excellent service from Shave Lounge once again. Thank you!

    5. Michael W.

      Smells great with good glide but not good for sensitive skin. The Proraso Sensitive doesn’t lather anywhere near as easily but it gives a more comfortable shave.

    6. Andy G.

      Very high quality shaving cream, my favourite T&H cream along with their Lavender cream. These really are the finest shave creams on the market today.

    7. C Stones

      I’m a newcomer to the DE scene, my reason for the change was completely monetary. I begrudged paying £15-20 for 8 blades, so I thought about investing into a DE kit. I’m so glad I did. Prior to using this cream, I had a god awful red rash/patchy skin after every shaving experience.

      Since changing both shaver and cream, I’m not experiencing any of the above issues; the cream itself does have some scent, albeit a clean/refreshing smell, despite what the pot says – I used it 5 times so far, and I’ve hardly made a dent in it, so at this price I’d say its worth it, especially if you’re prone to skin irritations.

    8. Andy H

      A very good cream and the best thick lather I have come across in a shave cream for sensitive skin. I use the Bluebeards Revenge Corsair brush for creams and it lathers the T&H Ultimate comfort up a treat. This cream does have a subtle smell of lavender so is not entirely fragrance/scent free. I have used this cream a few times but have only got very slight irritation with it once or twice. I’m not sure what it would be but suggest T&H look at their ingredients so it does not effect men with very sensitive skin like myself. That’s why I have knocked the rating down to 4 stars. I will still use at the weekend but my weekly ‘go to’ shave cream at the minute is the Proraso green tube. Not as thick cream as the T&H but very good and cooling.

    9. Endorphin

      It’s great to use products that have history behind them. There is most certainly a very good reason that companies like Truefitt & Hill are still at the top of their game today.

      Feels good, looks good and although it mentions unscented smells good too.

    10. Owen

      Now my 3rd or 4th tub of cream. Really like it.

    11. Paul

      It’s great stuff and you don’t need much but I was expecting a tub as pictured but got a tube of shave foam.

      *The Ultimate Comfort Cream is available in two sizes, 190g tub and 100ml tube (as shown in the images). You must have selected the 100ml tube when you added the product to your basket. Apologies for any confusion. Anthony – Shave Lounge Customer Services*

    12. D

      One of the best ones.

    13. MatthewB

      Explodes into lather with only a very small amount of cream on the tips of the brush. Has a pleasant, very subtle, lavender fragrance and gives excellent lubrication throughout the shave. Leaves my face feeling smooth and moisturised after my shave and with no irritation.

      My go-to shave cream!

    14. Dylan

      Still the best shaving cream on the market in my opinion. Lathers loads and should last you for a few months easily.

    15. ade

      Having recently entered the world of DE shaving, I have been using Culmak soap thus far, found it a very nice product but it has been drying my skin a little.

      I decided I would try this along with T&H’s very fine pre shave oil, as the reviews were great, and I must say I agree, this turns the chore of shaving into a real pleasure.

      Another fine product from Truefitt & Hill.

    16. Sam

      Produces a thick, creamy lather and gives a super-close shave. Skin feels mega smooth afterwards. I’ll be back for more!

    17. James

      I’ve tried lots of great creams, but this is the best one I have ever used. It lathers very well and gives you a very forgiving surface for shaving. I also use the Truefitt & Hill pre-shave oil underneath and it makes for the smoothest shave ever! If you’re looking for a irritation free, ultra smooth shave, buy this now!!

    18. Mr T

      Lathers exceptionally well with only a small amount of cream, has a very subtle, but enjoyable scent and gives me an ultra smooth shave every time. Definitely one of the best shave creams I’ve used. I’d also recommend using the T&H Ultimate Comfort Pre-Shave Oil underneath the cream for added protection and glide.

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