Sandalwood Safety Razor Shaving Starter Kit

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    • Muhle R89 double edge razor
    • NOM Black Fibre synthetic shaving brush
    • Proraso Sandalwood Shaving Soap
    • Razor Blade Sample Pack (25 blades)
    • Alum Matchsticks

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    1. Jonathan W.

      First double edge shaving so still getting the feel of it. Good to have a selection of blades to try out. The razor seems to be about the right weight for me.

    2. Lee P.

      I’ve wanted to try a safety razor for some time but couldn’t justify the overall cost of everything required on the off chance I didn’t get on with it. However the DE safety razor starter kit has proven to be fantastic value for money especially with wide variaty of blades included. Enjoying the whole experiace, cheers guy!

    3. Thomas S.

      Really excellent – definitely recommend!

    4. Robert E.

      Quite delivery and safety razor starting kit excellent. All good quality products. Would recommend

    5. Tanel A.

      Excellent starting kit

    6. Christopher N.

      First time double edge shaved but have had a few fantastic shaves so far.

    7. Phil M.

      A great way to get into DE shaving. All the products in this starter kit should keep me going for a while. Great razor, so much better than the cartridge razors i’ve used before, easy to use and you can hear the stubble getting cut.
      With so much stuff on offer and so many recomendations, the probem i have now is what to buy next.

    8. Eliza M.

      Precisely what I was looking for. I don’t know enough about safety razors to evaluate the relative worth of this one, but it’s been working quite well for me. Good soap and serviceable brush.

    9. Mark S.

      Very pleased with the started kit. Very good quality razor and really helpful including the sample pack of blades. As a first timer to DE shaving this was a perfect way into it and my skins a lot better and smoother for it. Thanks!

    10. Joseph C.

      razor was great quality, brush a bit disappointing

    11. Tori C.

      The perfect gift to convert a longtime aerosol and disposable user to a clean, comfortable shave with quality products.

    12. Owen P.

      A wonderful shaving pack with a very comfortable razor. The price point is exceptional value and really should sell for more! Shave Lounge have proved to be a great company to buy from as they know how to treat their customers and provide an excellent service.

    13. Robert C.

      Very good

    14. Alexander N.

      I cannot recommend this enough! Clean, close shave everytime, once you get used to using it it works brilliantly

    15. Edward T.


    16. Mark R.

      Have been considering the switch to de shaving for a while after becoming totally underwhelmed with modern multi-bladed cartridge razors. I have finally taken the plunge and I am very happy that I have . This set works very well and I am enjoying trying the different blades to find the best one for me . No horror stories, no cuts, just a very smooth comfortable shave. Just take your time and enjoy the experience, don’t hack into it like you would with a cartridge style razor and try to rush.My beard is very harsh and this took off 4 days growth in one pass, with a little tidying afterwards. An Alum block is also worth it as this does tighten and refresh the skin post shave.

    17. Vesa A.

      Great kit. Especially those razor blade packs are nice. Fast delivery even in here (Finland)

    18. Leighton Herdson

      Brilliant kit, really enjoying the experience and the customer service was brilliant.

    19. Emlyn B.

      What a great product, can really recommend the razor, customer service superb

    20. Robert Q.

      I am new to DE Shaving and wanted a British shaver so when I found this kit I jumped at it.

      The Shaver itself it great, good quality finish (I deal with coated products all the time in my work so know a good finish when I see one), seems to shave well although I think I need to train myself more as I have had a little shave rash from getting over exited!
      The Brush seems good, compared to my father in-laws brushes (he has used brushes for years) it seems a very high quality for a relatively low cost brush.
      The soap smells good although I think I will look at getting another soon which is a little more refreshing like menthol to change it up a little.
      The starter blades kit is great, found myself having a better (less shave rash) shave with the Gillette Sharp Edge blades, I have tried the Derby that came in the shaver box (an extra 5 blades I wasn’t expecting) and shark and found they wasn’t for me. Still have another 3 Blade brands to try yet.

      All in all I would suggest anyone looking for a starter kit to buy one of the kits available here; in hindsight I would have gone for the menthol kit but the sandalwood is still a great product!

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