5 x Kai Stainless Steel DE Razor Blades

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    1. Johnny L (verified owner)

      Woo-eeh! Sharp as a recently sharpened sharp thing, and a great first pass result. Sadly, too sharp and aggressive for my sloppy shaving style as man, they cut deep and too often.

    2. barkas.a (verified owner)

      Just been on Astra blades, which are pretty good, but these Kais are definitely sharper and smoother. I need less passes and that leaves me with no razor burn. I think the slightly thicker blade makes it quieter because it’s not flexing under load and less likely to drag. Shaving against the grain is a lot more positive and drag-free with these than the Astras, I’ve got some Bluebirds to try next but I shall be settling on these if those don’t cut the mustard. I’ll just have to live with the extra cost.

    3. mickr (verified owner)

      These are terrific.

      For mild ‘can’t be bothered’ shaving j use Voskhod or Ladas blades, both of which are super smooth, but now and again I have a couple of weeks going a bit more extreme, and having found Permasharp too aggressive, Feather to be excellent, I tried these..

      Feather have the reputation- Kai have the results. Equally on a par with Festher if not better, I will be defaulting to these. Very very good indeed…and supremely sharp

    4. rodb (verified owner)

      Over more years than I care to remember I have used many different brands of double-edge blade, my ‘defaults’ generally being Feather and Gillette Silver Blue. The KAI blades have given me my most comfortable and close double-edge shaves to date, with no after-shave irritation. I normally change blades after 3 shaves but have been getting 5 out of the KAI. I suspect I could have squeezed out another one, or even two but erred on the safe side. The cost of the blade has worked out for me at £0.14 per shave. I know people who spend over £1 each day in cigarettes between throwing off the duvet and leaving home for work.
      I also use Feather and Kai single edge blades but my further order for KAI double-edge blades is assured.

      P.S. My stubble, if packaged, could be sold in stores as wire wool.

    5. adam (verified owner)

      These are without a doubt the best blades I’ve tried to date. They are as sharp as feather blades but don’t seem to suffer from the drag you sometimes get with feather blades and aren’t as aggressive. However when I compared feather blades against the Kai ones using porasso pre shave (sandalwood one) there was no major differences between the blades although it did make the shave with the Kai blades just sublime.

      These are stunning blades and I’m seriously debating if I can afford the cost of these, it will be a difficult decision.

    6. Jonny G.

      I have being using Kai in my career for a very long time as they make the best tailoring sheers.
      I used feather blades for a long time and they are really great, however I feel that when I shave with the KAI blade it drags less, I think they are equal in sharpness however I feel the KAI gives a smoother shave, in fact an almost perfect shave.
      I will be using the KAI blades from now on.

    7. Philip J.

      These blades are the business! I had been given a sample blade from an Amazon purchase but never got around to using it. I regret not using it earlier… I found that the blade feels slightly thicker, and loading the blade into the razor you need to apply slightly more than the usual pressure to lock the blade in place. When shaving all you need is the weight of the razor only, literally that. A slightly more expensive blade than others that I’ve tried but it is worth it. You can hear the blade passing through the stubble with hardly any flex of the blade itself. Both Feather and Kai are made in Seki, Japan and are excellent blades. Kai pips the post for comfort. My usual blade is Personna Israeli Reds which are excellent too and I thought I’ll stick with them, until trying Kai. My razor is a closed comb 3 piece. Yep! have a go at Kai and get the most comfortable BBS shave ever! I’ve ordered 3 packs from Shavelounge, and I’ll use them again when my stocks get low.

    8. Phil

      I use feather blades in a slant bar. They’re way cheaper than these and brutally sharp. I have dodgy skin so the less pressure I can apply, the better. I got a Kia blade free with my last order of feathers and I was ready to be underwhelmed. It’s amazingly smooth, just as sharp and I don’t get the soreness from shaving… I’m debating if I can justify double the cost and i’m now seeing how long this blade lasts. Awesome.

    9. Andrew H.

      Superb blade that cuts the hair with little effort. I will definately be buying more of these beauties.

    10. Lukasz

      I get somewhat closer shave from the Feathers, but these are almost as sharp. Much less blood thirsty though.

    11. Andrew H.

      Excellent Blade – Sharp and gives a smooth shave.

    12. Thomas M.

      A little too aggressive for me.

    13. James M.

      Service from Shave Lounge was great. Not made my mind up about the Kai blades. Seem a bit too aggressive for me but i’ll try them again once I’ve had a go at all the other blade types I have to sample.

    14. Luke M.

      Very comfortable shaves but of course your mileage may vary.

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