Cella Almond Shaving Cream Bowl

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Traditional Italian shaving cream with a light almond scent.

Size: 150ml

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  • Traditional hard Italian shaving cream
  • Almond scented
  • Made in Italy
  • Size: 150ml
  1. Mike L.

    Very good, lathers well and a very agreeable scent, not too strong. Very quick deliverery.

  2. Mark B.

    Lathers great and smells delicious

  3. Nayem

    Lathers very easily and is a thirsty soap. It’s not one of those soaps that turns into a watery mess when you add water, it’s very rich and thicker than other soaps like Proraso. You need a decent amount of water to get a slick lather but once you get that lather it’s hard to beat. I think the scent is very nice but admittedly it’s not for everyone. This is a great soap for the price.

  4. Arran S.

    Wonderful and rich

  5. Craig F.

    This soap has a very pleasant scent. Needing only a small amount to produce a rich lather that lasts throughout the shave, giving an excellent result. I would not hesitate to buy this again.

  6. Steven H.

    Great classic cream easy to lather lovely scent great service as always cheers

  7. Hani S.

    In a word, superb!

  8. Stephen

    Gives a lovely smooth shave and works well with a good boar brush. Nice smell of sour cherries and produces a lovely rich, slick lather.


    Nice shaving soap up there with MWF. Fantastic service as always from the shave lounge team

  10. dale n.

    Great shaving cream and a lovely smell will definitely be buying again.

  11. david d.

    Both excellent shaving products. Out of the two I prefer the Cella Creme

  12. Mike M.

    Very good lather and a lovely fragrance whilst shaving

  13. Christopher P.

    Really good, lathers so easily and gives a beautiful shave. One of my favourites.

  14. Mick R.

    I found this on sale in another shave store so thought I would give it a punt – wow what a find, a wonderful tallow cream, slick, lathers well, and the aroma is simply amazing. Along with Musgo Real classic cream, and Arko sticks, this is one that every wet shaver owes it to themselves to try.

  15. Steve D.

    Smells gorgeous, lathers beautifully, an excellent product.

  16. Greg S.

    This soap has a very nice almond scent that is not overpowering, but is still noticeable throughout the shave. Cella provides an excellent amount of cushion and slickness.

    The only criticism of this soap is the small container, which makes it tricky to use with larger brushes.

    Shave Lounge’s customer service was excellent, as always.

  17. Mike B.

    Great cream lathers up really well and smells nice too

  18. Darryl F.

    Provides the most luxurious shave and smells absolutely divine. Very silky smooth and lathers extremely well. If almond is your thing then this is for you – faultless

  19. cem s.

    Very good Soap, very easy to produce that thick, protective lather. Also perfect service from Shave Lounge

  20. Ed

    I have only tried 4 soaps but Cella is by far my favourite. Thick and creamy lather even with my hard london water, and I love the smell, marzipan.

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