Musgo Real Orange Amber Shaving Cream

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  • Lanolin & glycerin enriched shaving cream
  • Scent: sweet mandarin & amber
  • Made in Portugal
  • 100ml

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  1. mauro s.

    High density lather. High level of protection and performance. Scent very good.

  2. Andy B.

    Personally I really like this shave cream – nice thick lather, delicate scent, does a great job. More costly than Prorasso, which has equally good lather, but makes a nice change and has a better aroma.

  3. philip

    My first time using this product. I have used Trufitt & Hill, Trumpers, L’Occitaine, Floris, Proraso, Origins and other ‘high end’ products. My skin is quite dry and my beard growth is fairly tough.

    The Musgo Real has a very light fragrance. If the other versions of the prodcut are similar in scent levels then I’d say no-one should be concerned about picking a fragrance they dislike.

    The cream is quite thick and laters well on the fingers. It seems to take a little more water than average to get it lathering well. I use damp hands and then add a few drops extra water from my fingertips.

    On application to the face, the cream produces a rich thick lather without much need for extra rubbing when on the face. The cushion is almost too much – this is one reason why you don’t want to use too much cream (I probably use about three quarters of an inch).

    The cream produces a smooth shave. It is moisturising. I don’t seem to have any problem with the lanolin (I believe some people are allergic).

    My reason for giving it 4 and not 5 stars is that it is not, in my opinion, any better than Proraso but it more expensive.

    Overall, Musgo Real is a very good quality product and a nice choice to have alongside one or two others.

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