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5 x Shark Super Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades

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  • Suitable for double edge razors
  • PTFE coated
  • Made in Egypt
  • Cardboard packaging
  • 5 blades
  1. Ben F (verified owner)

    This was my first order with Shave lounge. I was looking for blades in plastic free packaging as I’d just moved to a safety razor in order to cut down on my plastic usage. Shave lounge replied to my email with a list of such blades.

    I gave this one a go due to the good reviews. Difficult for me to review as being a newbie to safety razors I have nothing else to compare to; however I have not cut myself once, the blade lasts 5 shaves/days and it is nice and close. My skin also feels good afterwards, better than it did with disposable razors.

    Excellent service from Shave Lounge.

    PS was also delivered in a plastic free cardboard box.

  2. nottr (verified owner)

    For my skin its the best blade. Try it and see if it will become your favorite too.

  3. F.McBain

    Used in a Feather Popular these blades offered the closest and smoothest shave I have had to date.

  4. Paul.p

    New to de shaving and got these in the starter pack and part of multi blade pack. I use a merkur 34c and my favourite blade is the feather. The Shark blades gave me a comfortable shave but not the closest. Well worth a try.

  5. Matthew W.

    I have used Feather, Astra, Derby, Personna and Wilkinson sword blades to shave my head but these by far give me the most comfortable shave. They don’t shave as close as some of the other brands but personally I feel these are the best I’ve used. No irritation and no nicks. My new go to blades.

  6. John N.

    The blades supplied were very generous and of good quality

  7. Andy H.

    Very good shave. Not as sharp or aggressive as Feather that I have been using but more forgiving. I will be using again.

  8. Henry H.

    Although everyone’s skin has a preferable blade, I found these to be brilliant! They are not as sharp as feathers, so required me to go over my skin an extra time however the end result was baby smooth skin and no rash so I am happy with these blades!

  9. Tony S.

    Great blades, much more comfortable in use than most others I’ve tried! Recommended

  10. Robert W.

    Gave a close shave but not a comfortable shave. Drags a lot on my skin.

  11. Henry M.

    I stick with these razor blades because they perform excellent. Shave Lounge provides a top class service by delivering my order quickly. Thank you.

  12. Hullage1

    I am very pleased with these blades. Got 10 days-worth of close shaves out of one blade and am stunned to see the low costs! I rate these much higher than the Persona from the same bundle.

  13. Stuart C.

    decent blades. Only have Personna, Feather and astra to compare with so far. I’ll probably buy these again but wil always buy ones that come with the wee slot for used blades as these only come in a cardboard pack

  14. Dave

    A nice BBS shave blade with 3 passes and a not so close shave on subsequent days .

    In summary good for the first day and further 2 days as an every day quick shaver.

  15. chinaski

    Very nice 4 shavings, sharp like Feather.

  16. AP

    A nice sharp blade that gives clean results. Value for money, but didn’t stay super sharp for more than a couple of shaves. If you are happy to use a new blade regularly this is a good option.

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