5 x Voskhod DE Safety Razor Blades

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  • 5 teflon coated DE razor blades
  • Made in Russia

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  1. F.McBain

    Used in a feather popular, these blades (to me) are far too harsh leading to quite a lot of irritation.

  2. E

    Very sharp blade used in a Merkur 34c, I found the second shave with the blade was better than the first and these are one of my favorites.

  3. Chris P.

    A new favorite to add to my den, very very comfortable and efficient to give a near perfect shave

  4. Moran M.

    Used on an open comb Fatip. Offers smooth and comfortable shave, but the Feather is my favourite.

  5. john l.

    Good shave comparable with Derby blades.

  6. Joseph T.

    Blades pulled immediately even with good prep. Switched to Gillette greens straight away and had no problems.

  7. Matteob

    I am fairly new to a DE razor hese blades are probably the best I have tried so far. They are very forgiving and yet sharp enough to give a butter smooth shave through a few days growth with no post shave irritation. I will definitely keep these always to hand in future.

  8. Mark P.

    Very good blades; sharp but not too agressive. Will definitely try again. And the service and packaging from Shave Lounge was first class.

  9. Kevin

    No tug or drag, even on a three day growth, just right for me. They could replace 7 o’clock yellows and Wilkinson sword as my go to blades.

  10. David S.

    I’ve tried various different blades recently. These blades give a fantastic close shave but are a bit rougher on my skin than others. Have only used one so far so I will try another one soon to see if it was just a one off blade that wasn’t quite the same

  11. Steve H.

    Really like these blades. They feel nice and smooth with good sharpness. Having just started shaving with a DE razor quite recently the Voskhod are certainly the best blades I have used of the four or five different blades I have tried.

  12. Bigpeter

    I bought a pack of these blades to try and boy what amazing blades they are very smooth good for sensitive skin about average sharpness these blades would be excellent for new de shavers very forgiving I will definitely buy more of these no razor burn bonus

  13. Tim M.

    What great blades. Sharp, smooth and a pleasure to use. I had heard these were top shelf blades and asked Anthony if Shave Lounge could source them. With all their usual efficiency they sourced them and made them available. Thanks Shave Lounge as these blades are in my top three regularly used blades. Try them!

  14. Dalal J.

    I had always wanted to try new DE blades and when I saw the new blades ( Voskhod ) in my favorite web page shave lounge, I had to try it. And very happy with it . It does the job without complaint and is kind to the skin.

  15. Mick R.

    Have tried various blades but settled on Lord Classic or their ASCO blades, and also use Polsilver occasionally. I may switch allegiance to these, they really are THAT good.

    Great that the best company Shave Lounge stocks these!

  16. Chris James

    I tried these for the first time and feel in love 🙂 these are on par with Gillette 7oclock yellows – great and really nice and smooth blades

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