5 x Wilkinson Sword DE Safety Razor Blades

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  • 5 stainless steel razor blades
  • Plastic dispenser
  • Made in Germany

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  1. James C.

    Very disappointing.

    I’ve bought WS blades twice from the highstreet and a bulk buy from another company and universally they have been excellent – smooth, comfortable and long lasting. Loved them so that’s why I bought in bulk from here.

    These have been nothing like the previous buys – scratchy, uncomfortable – sometimes I’ve had to stop first shave with a new blade as it was too uncomfortable. Tried a blade from several new 5 packs to see if it was a rogue pack but no. It’s as if they are a different manufacturer.

    Same everything by the way – soap, razor, brush

    What’s going on ? Different factory ? Different factory making different quality WS blades for different markets ?

  2. Shaila V.

    Very good product. Prompt delivery. Would definitely recommend. Thank you.

  3. annabelle z.

    Perfect in every way. Very efficient – thank you

  4. Dave H.

    Good all round blade for every day use

  5. David L.


  6. John W.

    Great blades at a fantastic price will use again great service too.

  7. Paul P.

    They give me a total of eight excellent shaves from each blade. .

  8. Simon K.

    Quite fond of these. Stay sharp for 3/4 shaves, quite smooth on a well prepared beard and very few nicks.

  9. Keith L.

    Excellent quality blades, good value for money. Very efficient service from Shave Lounge.

  10. Michael E.

    Chose these blades as they are recommended for people new to DE shaving which I am. I have found them very easy to use with a merkure 23c an excellent shave, only a couple of nicks due to poor technique. I intend to stick with them for a few months before I try a few different blades to compare quality of shave, comfort etc.

  11. alexander m.

    excellent product

  12. Ian B.

    Works fine

  13. wu

    pro: made of metal as advertised
    cons: pulls and burns and leaves my face cut up. used a pack of blades.. in grown hairs and bleeding not fun

  14. barry.cottrell

    Not a bad blade but not anything that made me feel its special in any area. I did find it tugged and also cut me more than other blades.

  15. Lee

    Only used one so far, and not the closest shave. Second time I used it was better, we’ll see how they go. Better than the Derbys on first impression.

  16. Steve

    This blade was my very recent introduction to DE shaving. I bought a Wilkinson Sword Classic from a local supermarket. I achieved an almost completely smooth shave (BBS) within my first week. I have since tried these in an Edwin Jagger DE89 and while they are not as sharp as something like a Feather blade, I believe these to be perfect for a beginner. I also found these blades lasted longer than other blades I have used. So far I have tested, Feather, Derby Extra and Gillette 7 O’Clock Yellows.

  17. Neil

    DE shaving for well over a year now and tried a good few blades but this is one of the worst. Found it very draggy and tugging on whiskers. Not overly sharp but then it seems to want to pull the hair out rather than cut it! Switched to Israeli Personna mid-shave (it was that bad) and that was smooth and sharp in comparison.

    Would suggest you try the likes of 7 O’C Green, Perma-sharp Super for instance of those available here to see how a blade should perform though, as always, your mileage may vary YMMV!

  18. Thomas

    Never used these for years, still old time favourites though. There are blades from all over the world now available to anyone and to me it’s a personal choice, it’s whatever suits your face .

    Definitely worth a try.

  19. AP

    I think that these blades are great. I find them easy to use, without being too sharp for a beginner to use safely. I always achieve a decent shave, not the closest, but always more than adequate, with very little irritation. The blades stay sharp enough that I usually get around 10 days from these blades when shaving daily. The Wilkinson Sword blades are great value for money, so if you are new to DE shaving, this is a good blade to start with.

  20. Joao

    Good quality, it’s up to the name.

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