5 x Gillette 7 O’Clock Double Edge Razor Blades

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    • Suitable for double edge razors
    • Stainless steel
    • Made in Russia
    • Cardboard packaging
    • 5 blades
    1. Malcolm B.

      Excellent blades,sharp and give me a nice smooth shave.

    2. Raymond B.

      Excellent blades really sharp.

    3. Malcolm94

      Sharp tickley blade, worth a try just not my favourite.

    4. Nick H.

      Along with the Astra SP, this is my go-to blade. It gives a wonderfully smooth shave and causes absolutely no irritation. I tend to change my blade after three shaves, but I feel I could squeeze at least one more out if I wanted. It’s perfect for my skin/beard combination.

    5. Paul R.

      Excellent price and service as usual. And very good blades. Consistent and sharp.

    6. james m.

      Great shave from these reasonably priced blades. My favourites so far. !!!!

    7. Guest

      OK but not as good as Feather.

    8. Tristan

      These blades paired with my Merkur 34c give the closest and most comfortable shave I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried a good number of blades. Good balance of sharpness and smoothness.

    9. David C.

      For my skin/beard combination these are the best blades by far and very reasonably priced

    10. Jan C.

      Out of all the blades I’ve tried, these are without doubt my favourite. I use them in my muhle r89. No tug, pull, nicks, or any discomfort or rashes. Perfect.
      As always good price/ value from here, and excellent service. As always. Thank you shave lounge.

    11. Mitesh C.

      Good company to deal with. Great blades, not as aggressive as Feather but just as good, if not better. Tesh

    12. barry.cottrell

      I really like these blades. mainly because they have a great compromise of smoothness so I don’t get irritated and they are sharp. So my subjective opinion is good.

    13. Lee

      Only used the one blade, nice and smooth (no nicks), but not left stubble in stubborn patches despite a few runs over the area. Not bad, but probably won’t be my regular blade.

    14. Paul

      Tried a few brands now (Gillette 7 o clock ‘green’, Gillette ‘Wilkinson sword blue’, Wilkinson sword, Shark, Derby, etc, etc), and the 7 o’clock ‘yellow’ is the best of the lot – they’re the sharpest blade I’ve tried and slice through thick growth easily. They’re also forgiving and give a smooth shave. At this price (and free delivery) you cannot go wrong. Five stars.

    15. welshman

      Thought I would try these as an alternative to my usual feather blades. Not quite as good as the feather but certainly not a bad blade. I will stick with my usual blades but it is good to try something different now and again.

    16. Michael

      I just love these blades give a great shave, excellent.

    17. T

      First time using this blade after my dad recommended it to me. It was amazing, honestly. I got a couple of cuts and nicks along the way, but it was a smooth shave noneteless. The price of these blades are remarkably low, which means you don’t need to spend that much as well.

    18. Neil

      This blade has a good balance of sharpness to smoothness whilst being quite forgiving. Manage 3 shaves from this blade but can rust quite quickly so be careful to dry after each use. One blade I use quite often now and definitely in my rotation of a handful of blades. Recommended!

    19. oldlad

      First time i have used these blades (where have i been?). These are the best I have used, even better than feather blades which i have been using. They give a very smooth and easy sort of shave, I only wish i had tried them ages ago! 5 stars.

    20. Vagabond

      First time I’ve used these blades and found the shave forgiving if unremarkable. Early morning (5am) two pass shave not so close on a couple of tiny patches which I normally don’t miss but no nicks or cuts and felt quite confident to shave away with half a mind on the day to come. I’ll happily use again to give them another chance.

      Shave Lounge service was great as always, product arrived on time but no free sample… grmph! suppose it’s a small purchase so will forgive this time.

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